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#1 2009-04-05 04:07:32

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From: Bergen, Norge
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Warlocks in 3.1, PVE

I would check out this thread if you have a warlock which you are going to do PVE with in 3.1, alot of useful information about glyph calculations, rotations, different speccs etc;)

"A note I'd like to make though is all the warlock spex are within 5% of each other dps wise. What does this mean? That you can technically specc however you want and if you REALLY know the specc and play it well, can do better than Affliction, or Deep Destro."

Seems really sweet to be able to experience and find a playing style that suits YOU without worrying too much about loosing dps vs other speccs:)
I think the new deep destro specc sounds like phunz!big_smile No more dots other than curse(doom even!), and conflag will be pwn!

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#2 2009-04-05 16:59:54

Mahogany - Retired CL
From: London
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Re: Warlocks in 3.1, PVE

Yar they really did a good job with all the warlock specs it seems :>

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#3 2009-04-05 17:09:45

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Re: Warlocks in 3.1, PVE

Beardstorm wrote:

Yar they really did a good job with all the warlock specs it seems :>

do i sense a bitter warrior ?  wink hu hu hu

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