Ko’ragh slaughtered

A few days left till the Blackrock Foundry release and we have slain the second last villain in mythic Highmaul, mister Ko’ragh. Very good fight with both ride wide assignments as well as a fair bit of personal responsibility, so all the more pleasure to win it. If anything, one would hope that “physical versus magical” dps thing doesn’t become a trend, like melee versus ranged. We have already had a fair bit of setup problems on this single guy, we would hate to have to toy around with that more often.

WoWScrnShot_012515_212659That said, still a very good encounter. Now that we have cleared the way to the final boss, Imperator Mar’gok, we can’t help but regret there is not enough time left for us to stand a realistic chance of killing him. Despite that, we shall put our best effort in training the fight, should we decide to revisit it at a later stage.


To quote a classic “don’t you love it when a plan comes together?”. Now the leader of The A-Team could not be wrong even if he tried and so our plan of hunting Butcher down as the fifth of Highmaul bosses was not only set in motion, but also promptly executed. Literally.

WoWScrnShot_011215_214736An exciting kill just a day after Tectus, close call at that, dead just outside of enrage timer, but we had it all planned out in details. Multiple kill videos available at out wowprogress profile, with some amusing end remarks on TS.

The gnome is not happy with how setup/class dependant some of the recent encounters were though. It is not a non-hardcore friendly design when you feel forced to bench particular players only on the basis of the class they play. Next step Ko’ragh and a gut feeling says it will harder, yet the same issue will arise.

The Mountain Lives no more

As already mentioned Tectus was next on the hit list. Didn’t take too much time now that we have the gear. A classic first kill as well, with only few people left alive, just the way you would anticipate at this particular encounter.

WoWScrnShot_011115_190240As it happens he died on the second pull of the raid and so we have ample time left to try out our next opponent, mr. Butcher himself. We are still not entirely certain if it is really a smart choice to take him next – the encounter is simple (and that’s a vast understatement), but does put your gear to a test. So far we’re a fair bit from cutting it.

Brackenspore poofed

Back in business after christmas and sure enough a new kill to share with the world.

WoWScrnShot_010415_212125Some toying around with the setup, some fine tuning to the tactic and eventulally a very dead boss plus some happy flamethrower operators. The Living Rock is next on the kill list and you just can’t get rid of the feeling that that nickname comes straight from the world of wrestling.

Heroic mode cleared, first mythic boss done

Since the release of the expansion we have been hard at work and so little time was left for keeping the site up to date. Looking at what happened so far real quick, we have cleared the heroic mode of Highmaul and started mythic.

The first mythic boss, Kargath Bladefist was a fun entry level encounter and took few tries to beat.WoWScrnShot_121414_200201

Next on the menu for us are Twin Ogrons – mostly so that we can, again, say we are doing twins with clear conscience. They’re not quite dead yet, but we’re seeing them enraged consistently, so it won’t take long from here on. Back with more news shortly.

Back in business

After an extended summer-to-autumn break from official raids and with the patch preceeding Warlods of Draenor finally going live we have reactivated our raiding activity. Admitedly, the difficulty level of Siege of Ogrimmar surprised us, so ambitious plans to practice new mechanics and such had to be put on hold simply because things were dying too fast. At least every single member of the team got the Garrosh mount.

WoWScrnShot_103114_214227A picture is worth a thousand words and so the delightful gnome is relieved to wave SoO bye bye. Pandaria was a very enjoyable place to be, but we will all be happy to move on beyond the dark portal and to Draenor.

As far as more day-to-day business goes, recruitment is currently on hold, since the WoD roster is full. It is also only fair to add that the relationship with our sponsors is going great and so our member now gain some very material perks!

Good, good stuff.

The Enigma Order on a summer break

With the holidays season approaching and the content cleared and farmed for a good while, the guild is now officially on a raiding break. We will resume raiding activity once the pre WoD patch is released, to get used to the new mechanics before the actual release.

It was really impressive how stable the roster remained after Garrosh was killed and how helpful the people who got their mounts early on were towards the rest of the team. Very good stuff.

Enjoy the summer everyone.

Garrosh heroic killed, content cleared

We pulled Garrosh heroic. Then we pulled it 403 times more and he died. Well ok, rumour has it he didn’t really die, but he dropped dead nonetheless.


Elementios and Waratthh got the mounts, some others got heirlooms, Pandaria has been saved. All in all a good day. We ended this tier at position 409 as far as 25 man guilds go. Been considerably higher recently, but no surprise here, not with the mupltiple 10 man merges in preparation for WoD.

The prospects right now involve some laid back farming, more mounts, gearing up some new people and generally having a whole lot of fun without any pressure. Good times.

Good job everyone. Except for the monk kiter. He failed.

Now we are the Paragons

The Paragons of the Klaxxi are no more. At least for this reset.

205 wipes, so quite a bit. Most of the time a very enjoyable experience though. Not often  an encounter is that dynamic and surprising. Random even, in the good way, non-scripted.


As it often is the case when fighting bugs (mhm), we did run into an inconvenient glitch or two, which at some point was getting mildly irritating. Regardless, we found a band-aid to that and moved on. Rumour has it we have not just one, but in fact 2 kill videos being made, presenting the fight from very different perspectives.

Next and final step is, obviously, Garrosh. That wil take some doing, but for once it doesn’t seem like we’re under immidiate time pressure. Now it’s just a matter of making sure the roster doesn’t shrink to the point where getting raids going becomes an issue. Other than that, we should have what it takes to stand a good chance of clearing SoO before the pre-WoD patch.