Nighthold ends, Tomb of Sargeras opens

Tier nineteen is now officially over and what a bumpy ride has it been for us. First of all, an unusual case of a tier split into three different raids. We cleared Emerald Nightmare in a timely manner, we cleared Trial of Valor only after we got items from the final instance and then most importantly, we did not clear Nighthold.

Not exactly something to be proud of, but that how it is and we need to own that. Ironically enough, we were so very, very close to killing mythic Gul’dan… not this time though.

Going forward into Tomb of Sargeras we hope we have drawn the right conclusions from the previous tier and that we will clear the place before the final raid of Legion is released. One thing we know for a fact, the beginning of new tier will be bumpy for us – holiday season combined with some roster turbulence is not an easy obstacle to overcome.