The goal with these rules and guidelines is to make the raids go as smooth as possible. They are tools for raiders to use in order to remember how to prepare for a raid and how to act during one. All these rules should be fairly obvious to everyone, but we choose to write them down so we can more easily act upon them if a player cross the line. In The Enigma Order we are generally very open minded and forgiving, but we have also asked players to leave the guild after multiple violations.

The below rules mostly relate to raids. Other than that, we maintain a pretty high social standard – we expect our members to stay away from needless, offensive discussions, act in accordance with EULA (we don’t really leave room for interpretation here, if something is against EULA but seems harmless, it’s still against the EULA). In general we aim at a drama-free environment in the guild. If we can have impact on the population of the server in the same way, that’s only better.

We choose not to write any specific rules in this respect though, instead we take care of day to day affairs on a case by case basis.

Code of conduct

Before joining a raid:

  • Respond to all Guild Calendar invites, i.e. if you cannot join – decline the invitation. Use “Tentative” as little as possible.
  • Show up in time for raids you have accepted.
  • If you accepted a raid but you are unable to join, inform us via a friend, forum, in-game or an sms (telephone number given once accepted).

Failing to meet bullet 2 and/or 3 above is the quickest way to get excluded from the raiding team.

During a raid:

  • Listen to TeamSpeak through the whole raid.
  • Don’t go afk unless a break is announced. If for whatever emergency you absolutely need to do so, let us know and make sure we received this information.
  • Ask questions if something is unclear.
  • Stay away from general chat in instances.
  • Make sure you understand the loot distribution system we use (details below), so that we don’t need to waste valuable raiding time explaining it.
  • If you are interested in bidding for an item, stay by the corpses, do not move away immediately (if you move away and then win an item, you will need to get back to the corpses anyway, so you’re not speeding things up at all)

Preparations and expectations:

1) Understand fully the strengths and weaknesses of your class
Know your class every little detail and understand them and use it’s pros and cons to your advantage. If the leading team made an agreement with you where you agreed to provide two viable specs for raids, this rule applies to the both. Also, it is the raid leader’s decision which spec will be used for a given encounter.

2) Optimize the potential of your gear
Make sure to have the best gems and enchants on your gear and use reforging to optimize your potential. Have all items repaired.

3) Make sure to have consumables for the entire raid
Have stacks of food and flasks ready to be used during the raid. By rule of a thumb the Guild Bank provides this, but don’t take this for granted.

4) Study the raid bosses
Watch movies and read guides in preparation to a raid. Focus on how different elements in the fight are being solved. Understand the reasons behind the actions.


1) Be focused
Be fully focused on the raid and turn off all other distractions; Especially TV. If you have time to look away you can spend that time looking at what other players are doing.

2) Expect the unexpected
Be prepared to be targeted by bad stuff. Make plans on how to act if it happens. Do not play as a preprogrammed robot, but adapt and make plans while the fight is in progress.

3) Be polite and friendly
Mistakes will happen and be repeated. Have a cool head and avoid name calling and bad language. Raid leaders and officers will take appropriate actions if a player stand out as a liability.

Loot distribution system

The loot system in The Enigma Order is based on a standard DKP system. Players earn DKP by taking part in raiding activities and can freely spend that currency by bidding on items that drop during those raids.

Recording of raids are done with an addon called Mizus RaidTracker. The addon will automatically record the raid creation, the players joining and leaving during the raid and the items that are looted. The players responsible for the tracking will need to manually add the final price for the items being distributed. Close attention must also be given to the loot list when the actual receiver of an item is out of range for the combatlog and if items are traded after looting. Because of this is it essential that players bidding for an item remain close to the corpses until the bidding is over.

Raiding history, how much DKP the raiders have and how the DKP has been spent are stored in a DKP bank with the help of a Web Application called EQDKP Plus. The application has a tool that can import raid recordings created by the tracker addon in addition to tools for manually creating and maintaining the raids.

Earning DKP
In TEO you earn dkp by attending one of our weekly raids. How much DKP that are rewarded will vary and is based on what we do, our progress and general focus in the raid. Players on standby will also recieve DKP. DKP can also in some rare cases be rewarded after other activities that help the guild.  A raid usually rewards 20 dlp, players on standby will get the same amount of dkp as those in the raid as long as they are available should we need them. Players joining late or leaving early will usually not lead to any DKP adjustments, but it depends on the situation.

Spending DKP
DKP is a form of currency that can be spent by bidding on items in our raids or forum auctions. Players are free to bid on any item without restrictions like primary talent build or armor classification. “Bind when equiped” items are treated just as “Bind when picked up” items. This means that there is a normal bidding round in the raid. We don’t have any equip-right-away rules, but the player winning the item is expected to use it on the raiding character. BoE items that no one wants are given to the guild bank and subsequently auctioned on the forums.

– First player must bid at least 5 DKP
– Minimum bid increment is 5 DKP
– Players with 5 or less (including negative) DKP can bid 5 DKP. The player with most DKP will get the item.
– While 10 man raids do not use DKP (none gained, items rolled for), there is an exception to that. If a player is very interested in an item, he may choose to bid for, however the minimal bid is 50 DKP.
– Forum auctions have special rules. These will be listed on the forum for each auction.

Loosing DKP
DKP can also be taken away from a player. The most noticable case of this occure at the start of a new expansion where we reset the raiding history, but in some cases of extreme stupidity or after actions that severly halts our raid progress we can issue a fine to specific players.

Player responsibilities
There are a few things all players must be aware of. The DKP database are to a very large degree maintained manually. This means that there from time to time will be errors and mistakes entered into the system. The errors are usually related to items and the item cost. The price could be too high or too low and can even be given to the wrong player. Other errors can be related to raid attendance or standby status.

– All raiders are required to keep track of their own DKP during a raid. The amount they had when we started and how much they have spent. This includes any raid that have not been added to the DKP site. You can’t spend more DKP than you have.
– All raiders are responsible for their own DKP and should as soon as possible after each raid verify that the information in the bank is correct. This includes winning an auction.
– All raiders are required to be honest and should also report errors that goes in their favor.
– Dishonesty or simply being oblivious will be frowned on and might lead to a reaction.
– It’s too late to complain about an error 1 month after the raid.

Q: Is there any DKP decay or tax?
A: No, we do not have any DKP decay or tax. The only form of dkp reset we have occure with a new expansion when we set everyone back to 0.

Q: Is there a Loot Council?
A: No we do not, but officers will interfere in extreme cases. Plate users might bid on leather items and a tanking druid can freely bid on cloth healing gear, but we will step in and stop the looting if a warrior starts bidding on Spell Power rings etc.

Q: What do I do if I find errors in the data?
A: Make a post about it on the DKP forum or talk to an officer.

Q: Could you repeat the loot priority?
A: Raiders > Testplayers for the first 3 raids they join

Q: How much DKP do I get if I had to leave early or were invited late?
A: Normally you will get full benefit from the raid, but it’s a little dependent on the situation and the reason.

Q: Why does canceled raid give DKP?
A: The players that signed up probably planned on raiding and has allocated time for it in his/her spare time. It’s a simple reward for showing interest in our raids.

Q: Isn’t this system unfair for new players?
A: New player might get a rough start at times. Players that have been active through the entire expansion will normally have a lot of DKP and will be able to outbid any newcomer. However; it’s not uncommon for new players to get multiple items in the first raid. It’s just less likely to happen if we recently switched focus from one tier to the next.

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