Heroic and Normal content cleared!

With the exception of “3 drakes up” Sartharion kill TEO has now cleaned all the content in the initial release of Wrath of the Lich King.

The content so far is arguably rather easy, however, it still required a great effort by everyone in the guild! Good job! =)

Kil’Jaeden Down

Kil’Jaeden down, after 3½ hours of intense training.

It was a hard fight, a lot of Chaos going on, but we managed to do it perfectly in the end.

Only a few seconds after he was down, Ventrilo became very silent, while we enjoyed the event that follow his death.

Thanks to everyone who have been there to help doing practise raids, and i didn’t believe we would get this far into Sunwell, when we first started the instance.

I am extremely proud of you all, especially those of you who where here today, you all proved that we are in fact capable of performing on this high level, when we have to.

It has been some roller coaster ride. From having to cancel raids, because of lack of healers, to suddenly have to be the bad guy, that had to put half our members on backup, though we didn’t feel like they deserved not being here. Thank you for keep signing up, for those less active who kept signing, just to help us get raids going. Thanks to all the people spending hundreds of gold respeccing to meet our needs, and to those sacrificing real life, in order for us to succeed further.

This is indeed a great way to end the era called “The Burning Crusade”, and we did it with style!

Mojorising, Officer of TEO

M’uru Down

First real raid on M’uru turned out to be a really good one. M’uru wasnt that complicated, so it took us only a few tries to get him down.

Next up was Kil’jaeden. Deffently a fight worth clearing Sunwell for, and we hope that he will be down on tuesday. 59% by the time we decided to call it a night.

The Enigma Order is recruiting

Do you want to be a part of lvl 80 raiding?

Do you like a guild, that enjoys good progress, while still being casual?

Do you miss beeing a part of a great community?

Then perhaps The Enigma Order is a guild for you.

We are one of the oldest guilds on Stormreaver. We are very focused on having good raids with a lot of progress, together with a great community.

Atm, TEO is progressing throughout Sunwell, and we will continue to do so until the expansion.

We want to review our ranks at lvl 80, and be ready to start some serious raiding once we are well settled in Northrend. Therefor gear wont have that big of an impact on your application, but your dedication toward raiding will.

For more info about joining TEO, contact an Officer or Classleader in game, and create an application here on our forum.

We look forward to hearing from you.

– Mojorising, Officer.

Eredar Twins

Eredar Twins down by TEO.

After doing the first 4 bosses with not much trouble, and a BT run that felt like an AoE party, we finally faced an encounter that gave us some challenge. But after a night of tuning and replacing people we where ready atlast to get into Phase 2, and from there it was a walk in the park.

We are looking forward to the next reset, and are giving all we got, to reach and kill M’uru and Kil’jaeden before the expansion.

– mojorising

TEO goes Sunwell

After the patch, we finally where able to enter Sunwell, and test out the new changes and our specs.

Our first try on Kalecgos became our first Kill in sunwell, and after cheering at the new loot, we decided to give the famous Brutallus some tries.

It didnt take long, before Brutallus faced the new impact that the patch had done, and he had no choice but to give in.

We looked up, and noticed Felmyst taunting us from the skies. Some quick preparations, and TEO was ready for the mighty dragon.

Again we had to realize, that Sunwell had became much easier, and Felmyst was not that advanced of a fight.

We stopped at Eredar twins, ready to take on the fight with renewed strength another day, and i swear they looked at eachother in fear, just before the last person ported out of the instance!

Good job to all the raiders. both you that was there, and you who gave up your spots along the way so we could aproach the fights alittle easier 🙂 – It seems that TEO still have some bosses to explore before the expansion.

– Mojorising