All good things come to an end

The Enigma Order is shutting down its organized, mythic raiding activity and is turning into a social guild. Our long and amazing run has come to an end.

Thanks for the effort everyone put in the guild, be good to others, thanks for all the raids, goodnight and bye bye.

Smalle out.

Nighthold ends, Tomb of Sargeras opens

Tier nineteen is now officially over and what a bumpy ride has it been for us. First of all, an unusual case of a tier split into three different raids. We cleared Emerald Nightmare in a timely manner, we cleared Trial of Valor only after we got items from the final instance and then most importantly, we did not clear Nighthold.

Not exactly something to be proud of, but that how it is and we need to own that. Ironically enough, we were so very, very close to killing mythic Gul’dan… not this time though.

Going forward into Tomb of Sargeras we hope we have drawn the right conclusions from the previous tier and that we will clear the place before the final raid of Legion is released. One thing we know for a fact, the beginning of new tier will be bumpy for us – holiday season combined with some roster turbulence is not an easy obstacle to overcome.

Let’s go!

Few weeks have now passed since the launch of Legion. And what a launch and what a time it has been! We by default do not subscribe to the “WoW is dying” crowd, but quite honestly, I don’t think there’s much of that crowd left at all now. Legion launch has been a positive experience through and through, in every aspect – from servers as stable as a tightrope walker to amazing, vast new continent full of exciting content. And we have indeed been so busy with this content that there has been little time left for anything else, updating the front page notwithstanding!

The period leading up to raids was full of various adventures, some of the old varieties, some brand new ones. Every each member of the team invested a lot in their character, we stepped into mythic+, there were World Quests, hell, we even contacted some of Azeroth’s most powerful, ancient avatars.


All that made for a great build up to the week where the portal to The Emerald Nightmare was activated and we could finally go back to what we all love the most about the game – raids. Once again we felt like all the preparations, theory-crafting and ptr experience was a great advantage, even if some of the changes implemented between ptr and release led to rather hilarious situations. We planned an ambitious first week for of raids, but to out surprise we got the job done in less than the standard weekly scheduled time. This resulted in the single ugliest kill-screenshot in the long history of the guild. It’s a very interesting proof that gnomes are not the only race able to get lost in tall grass.


The general feeling now is that we are done with the activities commonly associated with an expansion launch. Soon enough we will fall back to our standard schedule and then tackle the mythic bosses at our own pace. We have a solid team ready, willing and able to do just that. Things are looking good.

Next report once the pesky, plague-infected mythic dragon known as Nythendra is slain.

The Enigma Order is 10 years old

Friends, countrymen, Romans, lend me your ears…!

And I shall reveal the well hidden (well, not so much) secret to y’all. As at today, February the 15th 2015, The Enigma Order is 10 years old. They say one picture says a thousand words, they say screenshot or it didn’t happen, and thus there shall be pictures, there shall be screenshots!

TEO10Happy birthday TEO, huge thanks to all the people who make the guild what it is. It just wouldn’t be here without you guys. There many different ways to celebrate this no small deed. Everything is covered in details at the forum, let’s just say that we have a solid write-up on the guild’s history, huge giveaway of gaming perhperials, major discounts on computer pieaces and more.

Once again, thanks to everyone for making the guild what it is. Ten more years to come, cheers!

The gnome saluts you, respectfully.

Gnome salut


Back in business

After an extended summer-to-autumn break from official raids and with the patch preceeding Warlods of Draenor finally going live we have reactivated our raiding activity. Admitedly, the difficulty level of Siege of Ogrimmar surprised us, so ambitious plans to practice new mechanics and such had to be put on hold simply because things were dying too fast. At least every single member of the team got the Garrosh mount.

WoWScrnShot_103114_214227A picture is worth a thousand words and so the delightful gnome is relieved to wave SoO bye bye. Pandaria was a very enjoyable place to be, but we will all be happy to move on beyond the dark portal and to Draenor.

As far as more day-to-day business goes, recruitment is currently on hold, since the WoD roster is full. It is also only fair to add that the relationship with our sponsors is going great and so our member now gain some very material perks!

Good, good stuff.


That certainly took some time and it definitly felt like a heroic boss no matter the gear. Just below 100 attempts put into this – though much less if we exclude ninja pulls – and the kill scored by the skin of teeth. Good fun, but at the same time the common opinion is that the kill couldn’t have come any earlier. Typically, a 0.2% wipe earlier that evening.

durumo ks2

Next stop would be mr. Animus, however everything indicates that the progress will be put on hold for few weeks now – high holidays season, too many people about to have days off to allow for smooth raiding. Either way, ten heroics killed, not half bad.

And so it begins

Let’s get right into it, there are even pictures this week to show of!

First of we have a awesome gnome posing at our Elegon kill and looking cool in his transmog gear.

There are no skeletons in this closet

We have the big news this week which is that we finally took down Will of the Emperor,
that means we can go into heroic mode now and get our butts handed to us by some hard encounters wohoo.

The will of the gnome is stronger

And at last but by no mean the least impressive one of our guild groups manged to achieve silver on all challenge modes, they were awarded with a very nice mount.

Silver is a big achievement and hopefully we’ll have a full gold clear as well sometime, even if inside information said it would be unlikely.

From left to right:
Wrion, Utópia, Smalle, Axc, Hessie

That was all good folks, stay tuned!

Peace out!


A lot of stuff

First out is our latest heroic kill. This stupid boss thought The Enigma Order lacked ping pong skills put we played like J-O Waldner and looted him “shortly” after.

Ping Pong skills in yo face

Ping Pong skills in yo face

There is a kill video of it for people to watch under the media section on the forum, chop chop don’t waste your time go and see it.

Now we have some of the cool stuff to go through, and one of those is that our most beloved, broken, in house talent Johnreaper finished his legendary so a very big happy face for him =D

Let's play "find Johnreaper"

Lets play "find Johnreaper"

Even if that’s not John it was pretty much impossible to get a awesome screen shot involving him since…. well lets just say he ain’t no gnome our John, so we enlisted Zewie to take his place instead as front page model.

Here is also a picture of the whole legendary team, yeah I know what you all are saying there is a rogue lacking in these pictures but he’s actually in front of Lamia he just forgot to go out of stealth mode before the picture =(
But you can still see the real legendaries(We all love you John <3)

Yay dwagons

Yay dwagons

Who's that shadow priest?

Who's that shadow priest?

So to be clear there is no screen shot yet of big boss John with his daggers but I will be hot fixed in as soon as it’s ready(see what I did there? 😉 )

And with that it’s time to end this post

Peace out!


Merry Christmas

Just a quick update to wish all guildies and none guildies a fantastic holiday and hope that you have a good harvest beneath the Christmas tree this year.

Bosses might get a break might not, but let’s not care about that right now we’ll be back in full force soon enough and hard mode is the theme for the new year.

So a short merry Christmas from the leading team of The Enigma Order to all of you who are reading this =)

That was all for this time

Peace love and understanding

//Leading team

The Enigma Order Recruiting

So we have had some roster related problems as of late and because of that Enigma Order is now opening up recruitment for all classes so if you think you have what we are looking for feel free to make an apply

We do how ever have a few requirements listed below

  • Experienced in the game, in particular the pve aspect. Being an old timer from as far back as vanilla is a plus (our leading crew consists of such players).
  • Able and willing to raid 3 times per week, under stable schedule. We are strict about this requirement.
  • Oriented at hard modes, however not hardcore focused. We keep a balance. It’s sometimes hard, but in the end it’s always good.
  • Fluent in English. We have had cases of skilled players who simply couldn’t keep up in raids, simply because they did not comprehend the tactics explained in English. Again, we are strict on this one.
  • We expect you to be in time for raids and being prepared with consumables and good attitude. Also you are ready to raid for the whole duration of the raid.

It might be worth to state one more thing explicitly – we are less concerned with gear. We have had a few successful cases where a very poorly geared player convinced us with his application he was the material we were after, which ended up in a win-win situation. On the other hand we want the gear to at least show that a maximum effort was put in it.

If you are interested in joining The Enigma Order please visit our recruitment forum

You can also visit to learn some more about our history which is quite vast … 01&p=1

Peace out!