Back in business

After an extended summer-to-autumn break from official raids and with the patch preceeding Warlods of Draenor finally going live we have reactivated our raiding activity. Admitedly, the difficulty level of Siege of Ogrimmar surprised us, so ambitious plans to practice new mechanics and such had to be put on hold simply because things were dying too fast. At least every single member of the team got the Garrosh mount.

WoWScrnShot_103114_214227A picture is worth a thousand words and so the delightful gnome is relieved to wave SoO bye bye. Pandaria was a very enjoyable place to be, but we will all be happy to move on beyond the dark portal and to Draenor.

As far as more day-to-day business goes, recruitment is currently on hold, since the WoD roster is full. It is also only fair to add that the relationship with our sponsors is going great and so our member now gain some very material perks!

Good, good stuff.