Welcome to the recruitment section, please take your time and read the information.

All applications should be posted in our forum or emailed to If you decide to email us an application, please be sure to let us know about it in-game as we don not check the guild mailbox very regularly. In order to apply at the forum you will have to register a user (you will need to do it anyway, even if you apply via email and get accepted). Note that all the letters in the anti-bot check need to be IN CAPITALS.

Current Needs

You can find our current needs in the small chart on the right hand side on our front page.

Do not hesitate to drop an application if you are interested in joining us even if your class/spec is not listed above. We are soakers for skilled and extraoridinary players.

Recruitment Policy

The Enigma Order raids 3 times per week:

  • Monday 19.20-23
  • Thursday 19.20-23
  • Sunday 18.35-23

In order to keep the progress as fast as possible with a limited amount of raids, the following is absolutely required from each new joiner as well as each member:

  • being skilled, familiar with the class, playing the spec optimal for each encounter and doing so without being asked to
  • being prepared in terms of consumables; every possible consumables – flasks/elixirs, food buffs, oils, scrolls, drums, world consumables and whatever one can think of; we’re strict about that, breaking this one puts you last on the list of people to be invited for few next raids,
  • being prepared in terms of tactics; people are expected to read up on the tactics when we’re about to meet a new boss, watch a movie; this helps a lot,
  • being focused during the raid; entire raid; even the farm content.

The goal of the above breaks down to a simple statement – since we’re not raiding very much, we need to raid very effectively in order to keep with the expectations. Every and each recruit needs to meet the above conditions.

If you are interested in joining us, applying is obligatory. Applications matter. The more information it contains, the more detailed it is, the better. Rather write too much than too little. At the forum you will find a template. Do not feel limited to the questions asked there.

When it comes to gear, the better gear you have, the greater the chances. However, if yours does not exactly meet these requirements, yet you trust you will be able to live up to the expectations with what you have, do not hesitate to apply. We are soakers for skilled and mighty active people.

We expect 75% activity as the very minimum. We will try to take a test member to as many raids as possible, but he may also hug the backup a bit, according to what the raid needs. Even if not picked up for a raid, it is good to stay online – we may need a replacement, we may also decide to switch people for specific encounters. The test period consits of 2 parts. Initial test consists of 3 raids. In these raids you have lower loot priority than the others, essentially you only get the items no one else wants. If you make it through this initial stage, you remain a testplayer for rather long period to come (counted in months). However, in that period you have the same loot priority as every other member.

Again, if, for any reasons, you cannot meet the above expectation, sad to say but – don’t bother applying.

Other requirements:

  • A computer good enough to handle WoW raid, fps above 1 during aoe help much.
  • Stabile connection. We’ve done our share of wipes due to disconnects. More than a fair share.
  • TeamSpeak3 up and running. Link and details in guild info in-game.
  • Obligatory mods. Those are found in a sticky in Mods/UI forum. You will notice they’re listed as obligatory. Surprising as it sounds, this means they are obligatory. For everyone who joins a raid. Obligatory stands for “must-have” to avoid any further doubts. No mods = no raid.
  • Being familiar with the loot distribution system we use. Loot&Items forum has the answers.

4 thoughts on “Recruitment

  1. I am Hunter my ilvl is 494 i am Hunter. I play everyday and i am 15 years old i like raids very much

  2. Hi i am a Warrior with ilvl 510. i play everyday if i dont have things to do. I am 14 years old guy from swe i like raiding and i have a good eng. I justed changed server from Bladefist=Deadfist.

  3. Hello i am a frost mage whos on frostmane atm but wanting to come back to ravencrest to raid i have 513 ilvl and have 1/12hc experiance have got Horr to 28%hc and turtle to 58%hc I got fed up with the guild i was in on frostmane casue they never turn up on time and alot of the time leave me out i am able to use TS Vent Mumble and have a mic From the Uk hope i can get in and raid with decent players again

  4. Hello i am player looking for guild.
    My Character in wow is 540 ilevel hunter dps !
    At WoD i will name my hunter legolas and hopefully join guild:

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