Short final

And thus Mannoroth has died. Mixed feelings and a whole lot of different views on this fight. Back in the first half of Hellfire Citadel, when we were having a high-level look at the various fights, we had a feeling that this particular encounter would be, well, boring. That definitely turned out to be false, it was quite exciting, with a lot going on. Another opinion was that it would be extremely setup dependent. That proves not to be the case, even if some classes have some small advantages. Then there was the aspect of it being a gear-intensive fight. Hard to say really, we almost got the boss killed just before the recent item level inflation, so we thought it would be matter of few pulls only once the gear got better. That, however, proved to be false entirely, since the new timing of various abilities made it feel like a whole different fight and we had to change the tactic quite a bit, including some damage throttling.

12. Mannoroth

Finally everything has been sorted out, we knew what we want to do, things “clicked”. And then what? And then a plethora of redundant, borderline believable mistakes, one step ahead, three steps backwards. Because of that, it took us a whole lot of time between sorting the tactic out and finally killing the boss. Could be better.

In any case, first mythic chests looted, two players happy with new weapons and no items disenchanted. So that is nice. Only the big kahuna left now.

12. Mannoroth subtitled

As per a recent suggestion, here is an alternative screenshot, with player names displayed. Everyone is welcomed to leave a comment saying which version we should use from now on.

Purple-green and green-purple

One of the more colorful bosses in recent raids is done with. Good encounter, but so very, very far away from the “bring the player not the class” logic.

11. Xhul'horacThis time it did in fact slow us down considerably, so quite irritating. Two fights left and both have a reputation.

Long final

Tyrant Velhari is now officially dead and that is a major relief. Such a weird learning curve on this encounter – last phase on day one of attempts, then everything went to hell, strange ideas tested, back to the original tactic, a whole lot of fine-tuning and then at long last a kill. By no means a smooth kill either, hardly anyone alive by the end, but that only adds up to the charm.

10. Tyrant VelhariThat is ten out of thirteen bosses dealt with now. Not unlike Siege of Orgrimmar, rumour has it the last three are a whole level harder than the rest. First few pulls at Xuel’horac makes that sound very, very likely.

Seeds, seeds, seeds!

New boss, new experience. This time Seeds were the name of the game. Short fight, but you got to stay on your toes all the time. Quite a few almost kills before we finally nailed it.

9. Fel Lord ZakuunSadly, not exactly an impressive first kill at all, whole lot of mess and a reasonable expectation that the first few re-kills won’t exactly be a walk in the park. Four bosses left, three of them having quite a bit of a reputation.

Pass the eye!

As expected after last week, it didn’t take us much time to get rid of Shadow-Lord Iskaar. Not your standard type of a fight, but on the other hand nothing excessive. In all honesty, it took us more time then it should have.

8. Shadow-Lord Iskaar

Next stop Fel Lord Zakuun, commonly referred to as the fissure guy. A short, action-packed fight to be expected. Once that is done, it’s the serious bosses time.

Past the halfway mark

With Gorefiend out of the way, it didn’t take us much time to score the next mythic clear. A tad disappointing, but we will take it after all the time spent at Gorefiend.

7. Socrethar the EternalTwenty pulls or so, mythic tier gloves. Easy money. Iskar should have died as well,  but one of “these days” happened. Next reset.

Gorefiend dead, guild still alive

Lovely, lovely, lovely!

So after somewhat slow start in Hellfire Citadel caused by summer holidays and all the absences, we eventually reached what is rapidly gaining the fame of a guild killer – Mr. Gorefiend himself. The first few pulls proved we are in for a treat.

A lot can be said about Warlords of Draenor, there are many flaws and examples of poor design decisions. However, for the raiding part of the community, all this absolutely pales in comparison to the quality of the raid encounters we are offered. Our latest, precious kill is a prime case of just that. An entire week spent on the same encounter and never once was it boring. Hell, even after the kill instead of the usual we “uhh, finally!”, we had people cheering and wanting to do it again right away.

And so just as the title indicates – hard boss done, guild alive and kickin’, still protecting Stormwind, as expected!

Kill video soon to be available at our wowprogress profile, linked on the right side.

6. GorefiendAmazing teamwork, extra-enjoyable learning experience where suddenly, step by step you go from chaos to relative order. Simply insanely good fight, already being mentioned as a candidate for peoples’ “top 5” lists. Even the decision of putting this boss half way through the instance, whereas he feels more appropriate for much further part of it, feels good in the end. Statistically the next few bosses should fall with less attempts than this one.

We shall find that out soon enough!

Kilrogg Deadeye

Adds are the name of the game. Took way more time than it deserves, but again, summer, people going on holidays, ridiculous heat wave, all the external difficulties one can think of. Certainly more pulls than the difficulty level justifies, but what do you do, that ‘s how it is sometimes.

Kill video available at our wowprogress profile, linked on the right side.

Kilrogg Deadeye

On a more important note, we had time for few first pulls on Gorefiend and it was a slaughter. Finally a fight that requires some proper preparations, assignments and such. Could not come any earlier. Now to just get people back to normal activity and we should be on tracks.

Hellfire High Council

So even if we are fighting the summer more than the bosses, we managed to get ourselves a new kill. Not bad, felt hard and chaotic the first time we reached it, but then the next time things started to fall in the right places sooner than later.

Kill video available at our wowprogress profile, linked on the right side.

Hellfire High CouncilThen some pretty amazing struggle to get the raid going, few more pulls, obligatory 1% wipe and it died. Four down, one more easy to go, then it gets real.


Very cool encounter, pure fun to learn. We opted for doing it the harder way, i.e. used a standard a mount of healers and did not brute-force nor skip any mechanics. With hindsite, perhaps that was not the smartest way to go, but in any case – we had fun and we did it.

Kill video already available at our wowprogress profile, linked on the right side.

KormrokScreenshot as green as any other to expect in Hellfire Citadel. We did not have too much time to try the next encounter, High Council, and it feels like that will take some doing. The fact that the next few resets just happen to be the peak of the holidays absences surely does not make it seem any easier.