A Good Start

Our first week in heroics is done and a lot of things happened.

We started out with the puppies and not before long they were taught some manners and we took their loot from them.
Feng was a wired thing and went down on the second try, we got so excited that we rushed quickly onward towards Gara’jal.

He was the most challenge we had this night with somewhat tight damage requirements but he was sent back to playing with his dolls with some time to spare on the evening.

Sadly we got so excited over the quick progress so we forgot to take big flashy pictures on the two first kills. So we have to wave with our achievements instead this time and a family picture from Gara’jal.
But enjoy the burning tree in the picture and we’ll be back with more awesome kills when we are prepared.

That was all for this time.

Peace out!


On Thursday we went back into ToES and made our way back to Sha without any big problems, after a few attempts he went down smooth and silently.

Not much to say about this boss but now there will be heroic modes incoming soon and a lot of cool fights.

Peace out!

Grand Empress Thing´amajig

Who knows her real name? Who actually cares?

But she is dead on the floor and her awesome loot is ours.
Amber-Shaper went down just before her on the same raid but there was bigger bugs to fight so we never honored him with a screen but went straight for the empress.

This was achieved on Sundays raid, so it’s worth mentioning that on Monday we went and whopped the floor with the three first bosses in ToES.
Sadly no kill confirmed pics on those, but we’ll be sure to come back to you with the biggest and baddest(and most fearsome?) of them all soon.

But that’s all for now people

Peace out!

Wind Lord Mel’jarak

We are quickly closing in on the final boss of this instance.

With wind lord down there are two left, which seems to be a very fun fight we have ahead of us.
The standard “kill confirmed” pic is of course included.

Bombs are for terrorists…. and Link

Now we are going to go and roll around in amber and will soon be back with more pictures!

Peace out!


Garalon down

Garalon is dead!

Preliminary reports seems to suggest death by blood loss most likely through his legs
Fun fight and we’ll be back soon with more kills!

Peace out!


And so it begins

Let’s get right into it, there are even pictures this week to show of!

First of we have a awesome gnome posing at our Elegon kill and looking cool in his transmog gear.

There are no skeletons in this closet

We have the big news this week which is that we finally took down Will of the Emperor,
that means we can go into heroic mode now and get our butts handed to us by some hard encounters wohoo.

The will of the gnome is stronger

And at last but by no mean the least impressive one of our guild groups manged to achieve silver on all challenge modes, they were awarded with a very nice mount.

Silver is a big achievement and hopefully we’ll have a full gold clear as well sometime, even if inside information said it would be unlikely.

From left to right:
Wrion, Utópia, Smalle, Axc, Hessie

That was all good folks, stay tuned!

Peace out!


First raiding week done

Mop came and the first week was awesome with all the new stuff to do.
We had enough people maxed out so we could start raiding Thursday when Mogu’shan Vaults had opened.

The Vault is really awesome and there are high hopes for the upcoming ones.
As of this first raiding week we have only Elegon and Will of the Emperor left  to teach a lesson, hopefully it will be a small feat to get that done.

That was all good folks, hopefully we’ll be back soon with some more kills.

Peace out!

Deathwing dead, again

Not a first kill per se, but still worth noting.

It took us exactly 6 resets on the new server of Ravencrest to form a roster capable of bringing Deathwing down, this time in the proper, 25 man bracket.

We are pretty happy about this, especially taking into account the fact that we ended up with as few as 11 players moving and willing to continue raiding until Mists of Pandaria. To complicate things further, this included zero tanks.

Few weeks have passed since the kill and since then the roster only became more consistent, resulting in our first one-raid-clear of Dragon Sould heroic.

The plan for the remaining resets until Mists of Pandaria is to toy with the roster some more, score the meta achievement on the way.

Almost ready!

The Enigma Order has left the building

Despite the recent lack of updates on the home page, these most certainly has been a lot going on. Lately we had the feeling that we fought in-game villains (which was cool), but equally much roster issues (which was not at all cool). Recruitment was harder and harder, replacing anyone who decided a break was in order felt nearly impossible. Eventually it became obvious that we needed a drastic change to carry on.

We considered various scenarios, such as going Stormreaver horde, merging with another alliance guild or migrationg to a whole different server. Eventually a referendum was made, which led to the final decision – a consensus was made to move to a Ravencrest EU!

This was done on 29th of May, so 2 months ago. Since then few things become obvious – first of all, it was a very good thing to do. Second of all – it was long overdue. Quality of life on the new server is so much better that it’s hard to describe.

Since we migrated we managed to extend our raiding roster so that we’re able to resume proper 25 man raiding. Also, granted the significant interest we received on the new server, resulting in a number of applications, we tried really hard to increase the overall quality.

At that occasion we also decided to update the looks of the home page as well as fine tune the forum a bit.

Big thanks to everyone who helped with the logistics and background affairs related to the migration, it was titanic work!

Things are looking good for The Enigma Order, but only new content available in Mists of Pandaria will let us test our new and rereshed capabilities.