Will, we rock you!

Sunday 24th. On 2nd full night of training we killed the first final boss, Will of Emperor, on heroic 25-man difficulty.

Progress on tier 14 ended up being 10/16 HC, making us realm 7th 25-man guild.

Will of Emperor 25 HC– Axc

Reset in review

Thursday. After getting heroic Lei Shi down to 1,5% during the previous reset, we decided to start with Terrace of Endless Springs. We killed the first 2 bosses for the final bits of gear and after 15 wipes we ended up being 496th 25-man guild having killed heroic Lei Shi. Recording of the kill can be seen here.

Lei Shi 25 HCSunday. Having only a few weeks until the next patch, our plan is to achieve 6/6 HC in MSV.  We cleared the first 3 and spent the rest of the night training on the Spirit Kings.

Monday. Training paid off – Spirit Kings HC died on the 12th attempt of the night. Rest of the night was spent on getting the first tries on heroic Will of the Emperor.

Spirit Kings 25 HC– Axc

It’s windy

One reset, two first kills. Right after Garalon we also took care of Mel’jarak on Sunday 27th January as world’s 671st to kill it on 25-man heroic mode.

Wind Lord Mel'jarak 25 HC down


After various let’s do a random spin -related wipes and enrages at 2% of boss health, we smashed the big bug as world’s 505th 25-man guild.

Garalon 25 HC

– Axc

Golden Challenges + 2k

On last Sunday a full Enigma Order group cleared the last golden challenge mode dungeon, Gate of the Setting Sun, and completed our first clear of Golden Challenge Modes.

Guild Challenge Mode - Gold completedThis achievement also pushed our guild achievement points above 2000, netting us another shiny achievement.

– Axc

Deathwing dead, again

Not a first kill per se, but still worth noting.

It took us exactly 6 resets on the new server of Ravencrest to form a roster capable of bringing Deathwing down, this time in the proper, 25 man bracket.

We are pretty happy about this, especially taking into account the fact that we ended up with as few as 11 players moving and willing to continue raiding until Mists of Pandaria. To complicate things further, this included zero tanks.

Few weeks have passed since the kill and since then the roster only became more consistent, resulting in our first one-raid-clear of Dragon Sould heroic.

The plan for the remaining resets until Mists of Pandaria is to toy with the roster some more, score the meta achievement on the way.

Almost ready!

The Enigma Order has left the building

Despite the recent lack of updates on the home page, these most certainly has been a lot going on. Lately we had the feeling that we fought in-game villains (which was cool), but equally much roster issues (which was not at all cool). Recruitment was harder and harder, replacing anyone who decided a break was in order felt nearly impossible. Eventually it became obvious that we needed a drastic change to carry on.

We considered various scenarios, such as going Stormreaver horde, merging with another alliance guild or migrationg to a whole different server. Eventually a referendum was made, which led to the final decision – a consensus was made to move to a Ravencrest EU!

This was done on 29th of May, so 2 months ago. Since then few things become obvious – first of all, it was a very good thing to do. Second of all – it was long overdue. Quality of life on the new server is so much better that it’s hard to describe.

Since we migrated we managed to extend our raiding roster so that we’re able to resume proper 25 man raiding. Also, granted the significant interest we received on the new server, resulting in a number of applications, we tried really hard to increase the overall quality.

At that occasion we also decided to update the looks of the home page as well as fine tune the forum a bit.

Big thanks to everyone who helped with the logistics and background affairs related to the migration, it was titanic work!

Things are looking good for The Enigma Order, but only new content available in Mists of Pandaria will let us test our new and rereshed capabilities.