We are about to implement some fundamental changes to our raiding schedule so you MUST take some time and read through the following forum post and get yourself up to speed if you happened to miss out on the information“The forum post”

The new raiding schedule looks as follows

– Thursday 19.30-23
– Sunday 18.45-23
– Monday 19.30-23
With Tuesday being a non-scheduled raiding day

The reason for this change for all you outsiders is that we want to make our schedule more friendly towards progress raiding heroic instances. Something there was a few holes in our current schedule for doing.

So towards this end we moved one of our raiding days to Monday and introduced a new raiding day that’s focused towards clearing normal modes for gear and valor points

That was all for now

Peace out!


It’s Wednesday!

Woho Another Wednesday and the sun is shining in Sweden(to bad I’m to much of a gamer to be out in it =/ )

A few things first of all we have a new chapter of “Book of Obscure Remedies” on the forum and this time with a co-writer =D. Just press the picture and you’ll be right in to it

We also got some food last raid in the form of a dead fire bird and the loot was very tasty the screen shot will be uploaded soon

Last thing new arena season starts today for those of you interested so glgl hfhf with killing stuff


Yeah it’s Wednesday and that means a few things =0

First of all we have patch day paradise here. Hurray enjoy busted user interface, daily quest hysteria and of course the thing we all look forward to smacking the fire lord´s ass up and down in his own home plane.

The voting for who is going to get our first legendary staff is over and the winner was no other then our very own fish feast planter Lamia. In anticipation for the screenshot with Lamia herself holding the awesome weapon I made a picture visualizing how it will look so you’ll have to be satisfied with this until we have the real deal

So read up on the patch notes

Get some coke, beer or whatever sit back and enjoy all the new things

Peace out!



Another week of raiding done at it’s time to share some of the adventures with the rest of you guys


Thursday was sort of a warm up day killing halfus and some V&T practise but nothing major happened

Sunday offered BWD and it was a raid of pure awesomeness when every boss except Magmaw was a one shot into oblivion

But it was on Tuesday the really cool thing happened, check this out

We're doing twins

We're doing twins

The twins went down screaming at each other as expected but was a fun journey for the goal

Starting out with trying our normal mode tactic on heroic with the adjustment that we sent some guys into twilight realm and it was like hitting a wall with the damage output when we got them to ~40%.
So after some look around a new tactic was found that made our rogues finally useful who would have thought?

After about one and a half week of practise with the new tactic they went down and we ended up with and I quote “the dictionary definition of bad loot”.
But some of the stuff went to use after all and we left our heroic kill happy as always with our eyes set for the heroic version of the two-headed “end boss” of BoT

Sadly our video gurus did not fraps the kill attempt so we’ll hopefully return with a video sooner rather then later

In other news, some funny facts we just managed to be ranked as the top 3 guild on the alliance side on Stormreaver, hurray hurray lets see how long it lasts 😉

A lot of stuff has begin jumping up about the 4.2 patch so about time to check it out so you know what the patch has in store for you except for the new “Ultimate DKP massacre” for casters this time.

Some new needs for our roster have surfaced and take a look if you are one of the people we might be looking for, you can check our current need in the menu bar to the right.

Feel free to check out our application thread and make a post if you think you have what it takes link follows below

Application Thread

Peace out!


He’s blind not deaf

Here we go again this week had it all drama, progress good and bad wipes


Thursday was mostly a standby raid on Magmaw before we got the hang of it again. the worm died then we went on to kill Omnobots on normal then we paid visit to Chimaeron on heroic and that was it

Sunday was all about Atramedes practise we stumbled upon some nice stuff tactic wise and after experimenting around some we got him down to 10% before the raid end
Song of the day was “”

Tuesday we went for Atramedes once again with resolve in our hearths, came of to a very slow start some “instant” wipes some bad stuff with breath and so on and moral was pretty low for a while and then last try before a longer break he went both blind, deaf and dead and while making silly faces at him we distributed some heroic loot

Sound the drums, the dragon is dead

Sound the drums, the dragon is dead

We rounded up the evening with some wiping on Maloriak so the owls could go crazy and came close but not all the way wiping on 15% before the raid ended


We reached guild level 25 as well this week, thanks to an awesome alt raid that earned the last experience that was needed.
Now everyone and their mother has a lion and are resurrecting people like they are priests or something

I haz kitty cat

I haz kitty cat

Recruitment have opened up, maybe your the one we are in need of check the list in the menu to the right to find out. Feel free to apply still we are always on the look out for excellent players

Last thing our video guru Axc have a kill video incoming on Atramedes stay tuned for it!

Peace Out!



A Friday update to keep people in touch with recent event especially since yesterday was awesome =)

But first things first last reset was a standard one nothing out of the ordinary.
Thursdays raid took us for ToFW bashing along with Magmaw, and with some omnobots practise

Sundays raid we went and said “Hi” to BoT and Cho’gall, Halfus going down in hc once again but the rest in normal mode so standard stuff
More omnobots practise, big part of our recent practise on these guys is that we completely changed our movement pattern for this fight and it have given great results so far sub 50%

Tuesday more omnobots we really like these guys <3 and after just a few wipes we decided to go and just have a look on Atramedes HC since our healer team lacked some key members which made our healing capacity serverly lacking we cleared BWD up to Nefarian but to little time for the big guy once again =(

And since I’m late we will have a update for yesterdays raid as well and I would like to summarize it with a picture

Robots ran out of juice

Robots ran out of juice

Oh yeah baby they went down and Nefarain stood chocked and appealed when TEO emerged victorious with even more hc loots then before

Side note is that we went and killed Halfus hc as well on Thursday since one person in the interrupting team was unable to log in at invites

Good job to everyone that participated and there is even more cake this update our all time favourite Windows movie maker pro Axc made a video of the kill try and here it is Kill Video


Some overdue news and some actually new stuff who could have guessed

A lot of members are flying around now on their Reins of the Dark Phoenix and well that’s just awesome =)

It was recently decided to start working towards the repair achivemet It All Really Adds Up outside of raids so it will go quicker hopefully

There is a post on the forums for all members about some cool summer action for the guild and if you have time you should absolutely come, can only result in epicness =D

Hearths for everyone <3 Peace out!

Another News Update

Woops this update ended up being a bit late I apologise for that
Same as last week on the news front I’m afraid not much to report
We are like the nothing slowly creeping forward and those of you that got that reference hearths to you <3

Thursdays raid was special in it’s own way not much to say about it those of you who participated in it knows what happened

Sundays was pretty slow but stuff got killed HC halfus, twin dragons and Magmaw got slapped around

Tuesday was a bit of everything cleared out BoT moved on to omnobots hc traning and after some time of practise transitioned into clearing up to Nefarain not having enough time to kill big bad dragon


Starcraft 2 (if you for some reason have missed it) have a demo you should definitely try it out

PTR patch notes has been up for a while, have not got around to link them but here it comes

AND we reached guild level 20 a few days ago! Hurray heirloom heads for everyone

Peace Out!


Weekly Update

Not much to report this week pretty much standard stuff all the way through, so a short post to keep all the wonderful people out there up to date with enigma stuff =)


Thursdays raid was a trip to ToFW and Halfus hc practise, Halfus not rolling over dead this week, but a straight up clear of ToFW

Sunday’s raid we went in for the kill on bastion of twilight on normal and then moved on to Omnitron defence hc which was a quite interesting fight

Tuesdays raid we had yet another look on Omnitron defence and had a few tries before moving on to kill all stuff up to Nefarian but not having enough time to finish the deal with the big dragons before the raid ended

Peace Out!


Weekly News

What a Week(notice the capital W)
There is not much to say other than a more successful week might be hard to come by again and how timely it was with our 6 year anniversary coming up at the same time.
This week really goes to show that dragons are the bad guys of this game and other stuff crumbles in comparison
But TEO with some help from the dark side killed bad guys and got epics in return.
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