Another week of raiding done at it’s time to share some of the adventures with the rest of you guys


Thursday was sort of a warm up day killing halfus and some V&T practise but nothing major happened

Sunday offered BWD and it was a raid of pure awesomeness when every boss except Magmaw was a one shot into oblivion

But it was on Tuesday the really cool thing happened, check this out

We're doing twins

We're doing twins

The twins went down screaming at each other as expected but was a fun journey for the goal

Starting out with trying our normal mode tactic on heroic with the adjustment that we sent some guys into twilight realm and it was like hitting a wall with the damage output when we got them to ~40%.
So after some look around a new tactic was found that made our rogues finally useful who would have thought?

After about one and a half week of practise with the new tactic they went down and we ended up with and I quote “the dictionary definition of bad loot”.
But some of the stuff went to use after all and we left our heroic kill happy as always with our eyes set for the heroic version of the two-headed “end boss” of BoT

Sadly our video gurus did not fraps the kill attempt so we’ll hopefully return with a video sooner rather then later

In other news, some funny facts we just managed to be ranked as the top 3 guild on the alliance side on Stormreaver, hurray hurray lets see how long it lasts 😉

A lot of stuff has begin jumping up about the 4.2 patch so about time to check it out so you know what the patch has in store for you except for the new “Ultimate DKP massacre” for casters this time.

Some new needs for our roster have surfaced and take a look if you are one of the people we might be looking for, you can check our current need in the menu bar to the right.

Feel free to check out our application thread and make a post if you think you have what it takes link follows below

Application Thread

Peace out!


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