A lot of stuff

First out is our latest heroic kill. This stupid boss thought The Enigma Order lacked ping pong skills put we played like J-O Waldner and looted him “shortly” after.

Ping Pong skills in yo face

Ping Pong skills in yo face

There is a kill video of it for people to watch under the media section on the forum, chop chop don’t waste your time go and see it.

Now we have some of the cool stuff to go through, and one of those is that our most beloved, broken, in house talent Johnreaper finished his legendary so a very big happy face for him =D

Let's play "find Johnreaper"

Lets play "find Johnreaper"

Even if that’s not John it was pretty much impossible to get a awesome screen shot involving him since…. well lets just say he ain’t no gnome our John, so we enlisted Zewie to take his place instead as front page model.

Here is also a picture of the whole legendary team, yeah I know what you all are saying there is a rogue lacking in these pictures but he’s actually in front of Lamia he just forgot to go out of stealth mode before the picture =(
But you can still see the real legendaries(We all love you John <3)

Yay dwagons

Yay dwagons

Who's that shadow priest?

Who's that shadow priest?

So to be clear there is no screen shot yet of big boss John with his daggers but I will be hot fixed in as soon as it’s ready(see what I did there? 😉 )

And with that it’s time to end this post

Peace out!


Merry Christmas

Just a quick update to wish all guildies and none guildies a fantastic holiday and hope that you have a good harvest beneath the Christmas tree this year.

Bosses might get a break might not, but let’s not care about that right now we’ll be back in full force soon enough and hard mode is the theme for the new year.

So a short merry Christmas from the leading team of The Enigma Order to all of you who are reading this =)

That was all for this time

Peace love and understanding

//Leading team

We’re safe again!

A little late upload but here it is at last the kill pictures on Deathwing or what’s left of him.

Perhaps not the coolest fight they could have done but epic nonetheless so enough of me rambling here are the screen shots!

So now we of course move on to the hard mode bosses to take their loot from them in a mildly violent fashion. So look forward to more progress and pictures soon =)

And a second funny thing that was a bi product of our kill on spine being somewhat fast to register on world of logs, so it generated some interesting results from that, have a look for yourself.

As said just a fun thing since there were not many logs up on WoL at the time of our kill so don’t count on it to last for long ^^
Even if it would have been very nice if this was the case every time =D

That’s all for this time folks

Peace out!


Priest of Legends

After a long and harsh road we finally got to see Lamia get the dragon infused staff while sitting on a platform over Stormwind.

And of course here are some epic screen shot of the whole thing =D

And last but not least there was a prediction made of how Lamia would look and since we don’t have such a photo with here standing with the staff you will have to do with with that
And it’s 100% accurate I should add =)

That was all for this time

Peace out!


Not enough heat

Wooow this was something that was just insane.
Many, many raids was spent on this guy and at last something just clicked and he felt almost easy at the kill attempt and down he went.

Want some ice?

Want some ice?

I can understand that people felt shaky after this was a long time coming and a well deserved kill
Possibly the most epic kill at the top together with omnotron

Damn good job everyone let’s just show him how’s boss this reset as well =D

On a interesting note Lamia is nearing completion with her legendary with just a few weeks left depending on how the drop rate nerf affects it but soon there.

Was all for this time and let’s go and get our next hc kill now =D


Killing spree

Most cool thing first!

We managed to kill the old arch druid who I personally never liked even when he was sort of a “good guy” so he finally got what he deserved and once again Ragnaros is with out a majordomo. We also got our first flame cat =D
Short statement: General view is that even tho this was a very satisfying kill but we got some problem with the dps requirement and it’s still only normal mode! ^^
Going to be very very interesting on heroic mode

Second thing this time around Teo went on yet another killing spree and got rewarded with a achievement for this making us officially bad asses

Critter stalkers

Critter stalkers

It’s Wednesday!

Woho Another Wednesday and the sun is shining in Sweden(to bad I’m to much of a gamer to be out in it =/ )

A few things first of all we have a new chapter of “Book of Obscure Remedies” on the forum and this time with a co-writer =D. Just press the picture and you’ll be right in to it

We also got some food last raid in the form of a dead fire bird and the loot was very tasty the screen shot will be uploaded soon

Last thing new arena season starts today for those of you interested so glgl hfhf with killing stuff


Yeah it’s Wednesday and that means a few things =0

First of all we have patch day paradise here. Hurray enjoy busted user interface, daily quest hysteria and of course the thing we all look forward to smacking the fire lord´s ass up and down in his own home plane.

The voting for who is going to get our first legendary staff is over and the winner was no other then our very own fish feast planter Lamia. In anticipation for the screenshot with Lamia herself holding the awesome weapon I made a picture visualizing how it will look so you’ll have to be satisfied with this until we have the real deal

So read up on the patch notes

Get some coke, beer or whatever sit back and enjoy all the new things

Peace out!


3/4 platforms cleared

Why look back when you can only look forward?
This time all we needed to get the job done was the wind at our back for that final extra push how ironic the boss provided it for us.
Sadly there are no pictures of the kill try this time since these guy are hell bent on dying so there is nothing left of them

But with that said there are nothing left between ourself and Al’akir let’s see if the big dude get’s nervous and looses his skirt when Teo goes after him

Random fun fact(or selected who knows) we are ranked third best alliance guild still with the the same amount of boss kills as the second best(just slower kills) we are also the 10th best 25man guild on the server

Can I get a Hurrah? =D
That was all for this time stay tuned

Peace out!



Another week of raiding done at it’s time to share some of the adventures with the rest of you guys


Thursday was sort of a warm up day killing halfus and some V&T practise but nothing major happened

Sunday offered BWD and it was a raid of pure awesomeness when every boss except Magmaw was a one shot into oblivion

But it was on Tuesday the really cool thing happened, check this out

We're doing twins

We're doing twins

The twins went down screaming at each other as expected but was a fun journey for the goal

Starting out with trying our normal mode tactic on heroic with the adjustment that we sent some guys into twilight realm and it was like hitting a wall with the damage output when we got them to ~40%.
So after some look around a new tactic was found that made our rogues finally useful who would have thought?

After about one and a half week of practise with the new tactic they went down and we ended up with and I quote “the dictionary definition of bad loot”.
But some of the stuff went to use after all and we left our heroic kill happy as always with our eyes set for the heroic version of the two-headed “end boss” of BoT

Sadly our video gurus did not fraps the kill attempt so we’ll hopefully return with a video sooner rather then later

In other news, some funny facts we just managed to be ranked as the top 3 guild on the alliance side on Stormreaver, hurray hurray lets see how long it lasts 😉

A lot of stuff has begin jumping up about the 4.2 patch so about time to check it out so you know what the patch has in store for you except for the new “Ultimate DKP massacre” for casters this time.

Some new needs for our roster have surfaced and take a look if you are one of the people we might be looking for, you can check our current need in the menu bar to the right.

Feel free to check out our application thread and make a post if you think you have what it takes link follows below

Application Thread

Peace out!