The Enigma Order Recruiting

So we have had some roster related problems as of late and because of that Enigma Order is now opening up recruitment for all classes so if you think you have what we are looking for feel free to make an apply

We do how ever have a few requirements listed below

  • Experienced in the game, in particular the pve aspect. Being an old timer from as far back as vanilla is a plus (our leading crew consists of such players).
  • Able and willing to raid 3 times per week, under stable schedule. We are strict about this requirement.
  • Oriented at hard modes, however not hardcore focused. We keep a balance. It’s sometimes hard, but in the end it’s always good.
  • Fluent in English. We have had cases of skilled players who simply couldn’t keep up in raids, simply because they did not comprehend the tactics explained in English. Again, we are strict on this one.
  • We expect you to be in time for raids and being prepared with consumables and good attitude. Also you are ready to raid for the whole duration of the raid.

It might be worth to state one more thing explicitly – we are less concerned with gear. We have had a few successful cases where a very poorly geared player convinced us with his application he was the material we were after, which ended up in a win-win situation. On the other hand we want the gear to at least show that a maximum effort was put in it.

If you are interested in joining The Enigma Order please visit our recruitment forum

You can also visit to learn some more about our history which is quite vast … 01&p=1

Peace out!