The Enigma Order is 10 years old

Friends, countrymen, Romans, lend me your ears…!

And I shall reveal the well hidden (well, not so much) secret to y’all. As at today, February the 15th 2015, The Enigma Order is 10 years old. They say one picture says a thousand words, they say screenshot or it didn’t happen, and thus there shall be pictures, there shall be screenshots!

TEO10Happy birthday TEO, huge thanks to all the people who make the guild what it is. It just wouldn’t be here without you guys. There many different ways to celebrate this no small deed. Everything is covered in details at the forum, let’s just say that we have a solid write-up on the guild’s history, huge giveaway of gaming perhperials, major discounts on computer pieaces and more.

Once again, thanks to everyone for making the guild what it is. Ten more years to come, cheers!

The gnome saluts you, respectfully.

Gnome salut