Kil’Jaeden Down

Kil’Jaeden down, after 3½ hours of intense training.

It was a hard fight, a lot of Chaos going on, but we managed to do it perfectly in the end.

Only a few seconds after he was down, Ventrilo became very silent, while we enjoyed the event that follow his death.

Thanks to everyone who have been there to help doing practise raids, and i didn’t believe we would get this far into Sunwell, when we first started the instance.

I am extremely proud of you all, especially those of you who where here today, you all proved that we are in fact capable of performing on this high level, when we have to.

It has been some roller coaster ride. From having to cancel raids, because of lack of healers, to suddenly have to be the bad guy, that had to put half our members on backup, though we didn’t feel like they deserved not being here. Thank you for keep signing up, for those less active who kept signing, just to help us get raids going. Thanks to all the people spending hundreds of gold respeccing to meet our needs, and to those sacrificing real life, in order for us to succeed further.

This is indeed a great way to end the era called “The Burning Crusade”, and we did it with style!

Mojorising, Officer of TEO

7 thoughts on “Kil’Jaeden Down

  1. That’s so imba, grats and more grats. Personally I’m a bit sad I missed out on most of TBC (except guildchat), but I’ll be back stronger than ever in WotLK, and I’m looking forward to raiding with you all again 😛

  2. All firsttime kills in Sunwell done in 6 raids, cant be bad 🙂 even with the nerf.

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