Update on progress

It’s been a while since frontpage news was updated. Meanwhile, we’ve been going strong.

We have been progressively learning and eventually beating Icecrown Citadel 25 man hard mode bosses. Admitedly, the zone wide buff made that somewhat easier than one would hope, nontheless some encounters posed a fair challenge to us and once we won them we did enjoy to good old a-job-well-done feeling. As at today, we are focused on finally showing Professor Putricide that neither his minions nor tricky debuffs are something we cannot handle. Safe to say we have the fight worked out and anything but a kill will be a dissapointment in this reset. After that, it’s only Sindragosa the hard way that stands between us and the adult version of The Lich King.

In our adventures in Icecrown Citadel, we have achieved one more significant thing – a few resets ago Cirotes looted 50th shard, thus allowing him to finally complete the long lasting process of crafting the legendary Shadowmourne. Common rumor has it he was the third person to do that on alliance side.


As it is for now, we have a decent roster. Raids are cancelled only if some major event outside the game takes place. However, we have learned from experience, that holidays are the most tricky period when it comes to making raids happen. Since we stay up to date with our members summer plans and knowing that often some people aren’t comming back after holidays break, we have decided to try to reinforce our human resources a bit.

In light of the above, we are seeking for exceptional players. Class and spec is of a lesser importance, which of course doesn’t mean everyone will be offered a test period. An ideal candidate we are interested in is a person:

  • experienced in the game and, in particular, the pve aspect. Being an old timer from as far back as vanilla is a plus (our leading crew consists of such players).
  • able and willing to raid 3 times per week, under stable schedule. We are strict about this requirement.
  • oriented at hard modes, however not hardcore. We keep a balance. It’s sometimes hard, but in the end it’s always good.
  • fluent in english. We have had cases of skilled players wo simply couldn’t keep up in raids, simply because they did not comprehend the tactics explained in english. Again, we are strict on that one.
  • it might be worth to state one more thing explicitly – we are less concerned with gear. We have had a few successful cases where a very poorly geared player convinced us with his application he was the material we were after, which ended up in a win-win situation. On the other hand, with normal content being very much pugable, we want the gear to at least show that a maximum effort was put in it.

Our immidiate recruitment needs are reflected in the chart on the right hand column. However, as stated in the first sentence, at this stage we are considering next to every class and spec.

Glory of the Icecrown Raider, 10 man

Today we have tamed ourselve the first pair of Frost Wyrms, a reward from 10 man Icecrown Citadel meta achievement.

The road to them was quite interesting – some bosses in heroic proved to be really challenging for us, while others went down without a second though. We could also clearly see how the scaling buff (Strenght of Wrynn) was simplifying some encounters.

Ironically enough, the last 2 part of the puzzle were not heroic mode kills, but normal achievement. Eventually we got this done so that two of out fashionable night elves (Insurer and Lamme) could enjoy their new frosty companions.

It is also worth noting, that with this we are now at 3 out of 3 Wrath of the Lich King meta achievements.

Lich King down, the Putricide Syndrome

Point is, Lich King felt from The Enigma Order hands in 25 man version. Ass dead as a dodo for that matter.

By way of an introduction, let me refer to our first Putricide kill. It was still in limited attempts times. We had 3 attempts left and approached the fight semi self-assured. The first 2 attempts weren’t bad. The last attempt was insane, very much a kill, very few seconds left on enrage. The focus was so hard, you could cut it with a knife and serve in pieces. Unbelievable.

Now, back to Lich King. Sunday raid, so four hours. The instance was almost prepared, only had one boss other than the King himself. First try was insanely promising, last phase right away. Then it started getting worse. And worse. And I mean – worse, to the point where everyone and their mother would be happy if we called it. At some point, reaching phase 2 felt like a success and we had endless baths in Defile.

And then, the usual, last attempt. First phase, flawless (with about 1 sec time margin), second one, flawless. And then third phase, some small deaths and… 10%, aoe death, screams on vent. Putricide Syndrome all the way.

Not enough irony you say? Why sure, off to the loot part:

Glorenzelg, High-Blade of the Silver Hand
Glorenzelg, High-Blade of the Silver Hand
Protector’s Mark of Sanctification
Protector’s Mark of Sanctification

Still not ironic enough? How about that –
For whatever semi-quasi-funny reason, someone decided that we will not benefit from the zone wide buff. You hear me right, some joker sent King Varian and his buff away during the break. So yes, not only a first kill, but also totally legit way, no buffs, no saronites grenades, pure own by The Enigma Order!

10 man heroic progress

Since we have gained access to Icecrown Citadel 10 man heroic mode, we have been steadily progressing through the hard modes and had good fun while doing so. As at today, only Sindragosa and Putricide separate us from the Lich King himself, this time even more fierce and dangerous.

We are yet to try the transforming and happy Professor, however we did have some tries at Sindragosa and it is only fair to say she served us some brutal treatment.

Sindragosa slain, Lich King awaits!

The mighty companion of the Lich King met its destiny from our hand. While it was not the greatest challenge in Icecrown Citadel for us so far, it was a good encounter and practicing it was fun and had the good old taste of raiding, which is not uncommon in the instance. Emotions involved! With Sindragosa slain, we have now overall cleared all the bosses required to meet the Lich King himself, but we’re yet to see him.

Many things have changed in World of Warcraft since the first days, but some basics remain constant – dragons are cool and final bad guys have this special flavour we all seek. We are prepared.

Lich King defeated (10 man)

It was a very effective day of raiding for us, which resulted in two front page updates on the same day! We have reached Lich King in 10 man version of Icecrown Citared with no great issues, however some tactical hiccups made Sindragosa feel harder than it needed to and ate our limited attempts. Lich King on the other hand was a formidable adversary and in hour memories earned his title of the ultimate baddie of Wrath of the Lich King the hard way.

Once we faced him, we developed our own tactic only loosely basing on common sources. This may not be most effective, but it for sure pushed the fun factor sky high. A few times we felt that we had the fight under control and only needed one flawless attempt to pin it, only to find out our approach needed further fine-tuning.

Ironically enough, our kill was a “one shot” in the meaning of first try that day. And well deserved, seeing as we were only squeezing an hour of practice before proper 25 man raid which led to the news above!

The placing, complexity, mechanics and RP background of the fight – top notch, Illidan league!

The Enigma Order celebrates 5 years!

It’s certainly not usual for wow guilds to last over long periods of time, and 5 years in the online gaming world is even rarer. But February 15th The Enigma Order could celebrate 5 years as a guild. Even though many of those who started the guild have stepped down – me included – we still keep an eye out for what’s going on with TEO. And the guild spirit is certainly still there, with many long time members at charge, and a good composition of “new” and “old” members teaming up to defeat any encounter. It’s safe to say that gaming wise the guild has never been stronger, and rumors has it that the Lich King himself dreads the day when The Enigma Order enters his inner sanctum.

The celebration itself was somewhat simpler this time than last year, but it did not pass by unnoticed. A thread was made where present and former members could take a trip down memory lane, and the guild comic got a sudden revival.


All in all, we can’t see any reason why this guild won’t outlast the game itself. So happy birthday to all of you who have participated in the surprising longevity of this guild and the considerable wealth of spectacular moments we’ve shared.
May there be many more good moments to come.



We have had much success in the 10 man version of the game lately. We have cleared ToC 10 man “Hardmode” and after 2 weeks of 14% despawn we finally got Algalon down. The 10 man content of this game is now completed!

Algalon had to bow for the power of the enigmas:

A cozy event is about to begin: