Update on progress

It’s been a while since frontpage news was updated. Meanwhile, we’ve been going strong.

We have been progressively learning and eventually beating Icecrown Citadel 25 man hard mode bosses. Admitedly, the zone wide buff made that somewhat easier than one would hope, nontheless some encounters posed a fair challenge to us and once we won them we did enjoy to good old a-job-well-done feeling. As at today, we are focused on finally showing Professor Putricide that neither his minions nor tricky debuffs are something we cannot handle. Safe to say we have the fight worked out and anything but a kill will be a dissapointment in this reset. After that, it’s only Sindragosa the hard way that stands between us and the adult version of The Lich King.

In our adventures in Icecrown Citadel, we have achieved one more significant thing – a few resets ago Cirotes looted 50th shard, thus allowing him to finally complete the long lasting process of crafting the legendary Shadowmourne. Common rumor has it he was the third person to do that on alliance side.