Lich King defeated (10 man)

It was a very effective day of raiding for us, which resulted in two front page updates on the same day! We have reached Lich King in 10 man version of Icecrown Citared with no great issues, however some tactical hiccups made Sindragosa feel harder than it needed to and ate our limited attempts. Lich King on the other hand was a formidable adversary and in hour memories earned his title of the ultimate baddie of Wrath of the Lich King the hard way.

Once we faced him, we developed our own tactic only loosely basing on common sources. This may not be most effective, but it for sure pushed the fun factor sky high. A few times we felt that we had the fight under control and only needed one flawless attempt to pin it, only to find out our approach needed further fine-tuning.

Ironically enough, our kill was a “one shot” in the meaning of first try that day. And well deserved, seeing as we were only squeezing an hour of practice before proper 25 man raid which led to the news above!

The placing, complexity, mechanics and RP background of the fight – top notch, Illidan league!