The Enigma Order celebrates 5 years!

It’s certainly not usual for wow guilds to last over long periods of time, and 5 years in the online gaming world is even rarer. But February 15th The Enigma Order could celebrate 5 years as a guild. Even though many of those who started the guild have stepped down – me included – we still keep an eye out for what’s going on with TEO. And the guild spirit is certainly still there, with many long time members at charge, and a good composition of “new” and “old” members teaming up to defeat any encounter. It’s safe to say that gaming wise the guild has never been stronger, and rumors has it that the Lich King himself dreads the day when The Enigma Order enters his inner sanctum.

The celebration itself was somewhat simpler this time than last year, but it did not pass by unnoticed. A thread was made where present and former members could take a trip down memory lane, and the guild comic got a sudden revival.

All in all, we can’t see any reason why this guild won’t outlast the game itself. So happy birthday to all of you who have participated in the surprising longevity of this guild and the considerable wealth of spectacular moments we’ve shared.
May there be many more good moments to come.