Heroic Anub’Arak Vanquished and Skinned!

I’t was admittedly our greatest challenge so far in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, but now one of the greatest minions of Arthas lies dead infront of us. This was very important for us to achieve as a guild and I’m sure all members feel that we are now ready for the challenges that heroic ICC will offer for us later. Next time something as big as this happens will be the end of the Lich King.. and we are prepared.

Big thanks for all our members who spent endless hours wiping at this boss and contributed to the result where we are today.

Congratulations TEO !

6 thoughts on “Heroic Anub’Arak Vanquished and Skinned!

  1. For those wondering, there was no corpse for a screenshot due to an eager skinner, so a chest you get 😀

  2. There was actually a hasty screenshot just right after the kill which has the corpse too, but it doesn’t show all the players involved. 🙂

    Good job and congrats TEO!

  3. Omg gz. Alot of oldschoolers I see, and Hi to everyone I havent met of the newer guys =)

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