TEO goes Sunwell

After the patch, we finally where able to enter Sunwell, and test out the new changes and our specs.

Our first try on Kalecgos became our first Kill in sunwell, and after cheering at the new loot, we decided to give the famous Brutallus some tries.

It didnt take long, before Brutallus faced the new impact that the patch had done, and he had no choice but to give in.

We looked up, and noticed Felmyst taunting us from the skies. Some quick preparations, and TEO was ready for the mighty dragon.

Again we had to realize, that Sunwell had became much easier, and Felmyst was not that advanced of a fight.

We stopped at Eredar twins, ready to take on the fight with renewed strength another day, and i swear they looked at eachother in fear, just before the last person ported out of the instance!

Good job to all the raiders. both you that was there, and you who gave up your spots along the way so we could aproach the fights alittle easier 🙂 – It seems that TEO still have some bosses to explore before the expansion.

– Mojorising

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