Grand Magist-rings rings RINGS!

So she is a woman – most likely – and she has oh-so-many rings. You know that spells troubles right away. An amazing, not at all irritating encounter with not at all one-shot mechanic where one mistake forces a wipe not at all. She is dead now though and after a surprisingly clean and relaxed kill. In fact so clean and relaxed it was not recorded, hence an odd case of no kill video available. Bit of a shame.

Despite any similarities this is not the same screenshot as for Star Augur. Any similarities are purely anecdotal.

We briefly touched mister Gul’dan after the kill. We shall see how that goes.


We killed Starboy. Starboy is known as Star Augur Atreus to the broad audience, but he is a wannabe, definitely not Guardians of Galaxy material. Very fun fight though, quite a few funny moments involved.

Next, time to play with time. We will see how that works out for us.


Not entirely unexpected, Easter brought some minor activity issues. Having a not-so-strong setup available for all three weekly raids we decided to make a little detour and pay Madame Helya a visit back in Throne of Valor. She was excited to see us and waved hello with all the tentacles she had at her disposal.

Sorting out the basic movement pattern and dispells took few tries, then we started seeing the last phase more and more. Once there, we needed a few more attempts to set everything up properly and afterwards scoring a kill was just a matter of keeping it cool and not panicking.

The actual kill was in fact a a bit of a mess as evidenced in the kill video, but the important thing is that the naga-lady is dead.

One of our own

So that was a little unexpected. Having killed Tichondrius earlier this week we decided to skip some of the bosses we have killed before and carry on with progressing on new ones. This time around it was Spellblade Aluriel, so a boss whose named almost exactly as one of our valued members, Auriel. Suffice to say it turns out we not only enjoy, but also excel at killing our own, Auriel-Aluriel died sooner than anyone has expected.

Having done that we are now at seven out of ten bosses killed and not entirely sure what we want to do next. It is between next Nighthold’s boss or a detour back to Throne of Valor to pay lady Helya a visit.

One way of the other, hard stuff ahead.

Six in the mix

Tichondrius is, if smart people are to be trusted, a pretty big persona in the Warcraft universe. Well now he needs an honorary burial, because we got him dead.

A breathe of fresh air after brain-dead process of Krosus and mind-numbing High Botanist Tel’arn. Entertaining enough and for once we had a very good setup for it.

Good stuff.


We did weeded

After a great many attempts we have finally gotten rid of High Botanist Tel’arn. A questionable – and that is a very polite way of putting it – choice for the first “real” boss for us to take. So much so that we did something we have not done in a long, long time – in order to have a break from learning this fight we visited Krosus two resets ago. See previous post for results of that visit.

Major relief to be quite honest. Next on the to-do list: mr. Tichondrius. We had the time to try this and that against him and things did not look terrible.

Back on topic on Botanist though, a taxing boss for the entire roster. A lot of unhappiness and irritation – all the more satisfying to have it done finally. Solid job by the entire gang, at least the encounter allowed us for weeding out those who were not really up for it.

The bridge

Another instance, another bridge boss. The boss killed the bridge, we killed the boss. Everything is dead. It was an absolutely terrible fight, much like Ursoc.

Nighthold is not being nice for us at all, but that’s a whole different story. Now that we have met the dps check gear can no longer be blamed. So let us see what happens next.


A few of us were a little disappointed with that encounter after heroic mode, but then some others were really psyched about the whole “cake boss” concept. Mythic mode proved the fight was in fact quite ok – once you needed to execute the mechanics properly it made a whole lot more sense. And even required some coordination. Still on the easy side of things, but that’s fine, after all it was only the third boss.

First mythic tier items for us too, not complaining. Our next decisions is which boss we want to focus on now. There are a few choice each seems to have pros and cons.

We are having fun in Nighthold so far.

Chromatic Anomaly

Two down, many to go. We already had some time on Chromatic Anomaly the previous reset, but our main conclusion there was that the tactic we had in mind was not a good one and we needed go back to the drawboard and figure a new plan out. And so we have done and we have figured.

The difficulty level of the encounter felt like fine – not as simple as first boss, but also nothing really demanding. It was mostly about finding out a strategy that worked for our particular raid and setup.

Rumor has it we have one more somewhat simple fight ahead, then things rapidly become a whole lot more complicated.

Scorpions poop armor shells

While Botanist Tel’arn is seventh boss in Nighthold, we have already received a precious biology lesson at the very start. It would appear that scorpions poop armor shells. Behind. And that is just about the most exciting fact we have on the first boss.

I  will admit I cannot remember when was the last time we needed that few attempts to win a mythic raid encounter, even if it was only the first one. Every journey starts with a single step though, second boss already showed us they don’t all intend to just fall over and die. Oh, fairly decent loot as well, that was a nice change.