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#1 2009-12-30 23:06:21

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Holy Paladin Application

Real name:  Tor
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Nationality: Norwegian

Write a short description about you. Do you go to school? What do you study? Where do you work? What are your interests? Are you a really busy person in real life? And similar:
I go to school in a small place called BjÝrkelangen(East of Oslo).

I play football, hang out with friends and play WoW as my main interests. I play football twice a week, but that will not infect my raiding attedence.

Are you bound by homerules?
Dinner times that you have to attend everyday (be it by your parents or someone else), shower time and similar ďAFK timesĒ during a raid evening/day and if so, when and for how long?

No, Iím not bound by any homerules, if something should come up during a raid I will try to fix it in the breaks we have. Or I will take it after the raid, if itís not very important.

Armory link: … p;n=Goofey

Write about about your gear choice and why you use the gems you have in your gear.

I donít have a good enough holy gear yet, and thatís a little issue, but that wouldnít be hard to fix.  I will gem SP and Int in the start and go over to full Int when I get more gear.

Why are you playing your current class? 
Whatís fun about it?
Whatís your goal with it? (As in, how do you plan on improving your character in the future, as well as yourself?

I love playing my paladin; itís so much you can do with it, tank, healing and dps.  You can gank so easily if thatís what you like. You can solo most level 80 group quests. The class is just imba   MY goal with the paladin is to get as best as I possibly can. I will practice in heroics and I will read guides to improve me and my paladin.

Whatís your role during raids?

My role is normally to keep the tanks alive, but I also do a lot FFA healing. My job is to make sure that everyone is topped up(except Anub).

Whatís your current talent spec? … =Gief+Epix ( I just post her, because she got the glyphs Iím going to use as well as the build.

Explain the reasoning for your spec? I have shorter cooldowns on my life saving abilities such as LoH and BoP. And I canít find any other talents worth taking instead of my current talents.
Would you hesitate to respec for the guild if we asked you to do it? I wouldnít mind respecting, but I would prefer that you give me a REALLY good reason for respecting. Cause my spec is the best for holy paladins(atm)

Are you able to be on ventrilo during all progress raids?
Do you have a microphone?

I can stay on Ventrillo in progress raids and farm raids. Iím not just staying on Ventrilo so people can tell me what to do and listen to other people getting yelled at, I sit on VT for the social part of the raiding which I find very important if you should have a good raid/guild. I have a working microphone and I can use it.

Previous raiding experience:

TBC: I have cleared Kara, ZA, Gruul, maggy, TK, SSC, Hyjal and BT. When I first hit level 70 I joined the newly formed raiding guild RPM on the server Darksorrow. We started up by clearing Kara. Gruul and Magtheridon quite fast, and got people geared up for TK and SSC. But when TK and SSC came out we needed to recruit some more active raiders and so we did.  We got about 20 new members with a good mix between dps, healing and tanks. We took SSC and TK in 2 months of trying and people got attuned for Hyjal and BT.  We had a Phoenix  mount in our guild that dropped at the first guild kill of Kael.  When Hyjal and BT came out on the marked we tried to kill them as fast as possible, and we did, all bosses were killed and dead after 1 and a half month(Had some serious raiding then) Sunwell came and we went in there to try kill some bosses, but it didnít went as well as we had hoped, many people left the guild, so we only killed the first boss. We got the Amani War Bear to around 30-40 members I donít remember the number. (everything cleared pre nerf)

WoTLK (this will be short because itís nothing to brag about) I have killed Lord Jaraxxus in ToTGC 25 man, done some tries at Twins, Faction and Anub.  Best try on Anub was 26%...In Ulduar I have cleared up to Yogg and killed him in 25 man (donít have the achievement because of a stupid Blizzard bugÖ) I have done Fl, XT and IC HM. I have cleared full Ulduar 10 man with all HM, except Yogg+0. I have killed every boss in ICC 10 and done Boned and Mad mess. I have never killed them in 25 man.

Previous guilds:
Why did you leave them?
Did you have any special roles there? (Guild leader, raid leader, officer, main tank, etc.)

RPM: Disbanded when WoTLK came ( I was Paladin Class leader)

Exsilium: To many people left during summer holidayÖ

OOTW: Iím leaving those because they donít need me anymore, and they have a good group of core raiders that progress wellÖ

Raiding times:
Can you raid 3 days a week?
Any real life activities that prevents you from raiding any day of the week?

Yes Ofc! The days you want me to raid, I will show. Nah I donít except a football Match now and then, but not like each week.

Is loot important to you?

HELL YEAH! Well I need to get some gear in the start, but I donít think loot is the point of  playing WoW. Achievment is more important for me then loot.

Why did you choose TEO?

I choose TEO, because you seem like a good raiding guild with good progress. You donít raid 7 times each week and have raiding times/days that fit my perfectly.

What do you expect from TEO?

I expect a guild that will take me inn as one of their own and have an open mind about me. And ofc I would love a raid spot.

Do you know anyone in TEO that can vouch for you?

I donít have that atm, but many later?

Do you have enough time outside of raids to always have enough consumables and gold at hand?

Ofc! I will farm.

Do you tolerate criticism?

If you made a mistake several times in a row and someone calls you retarded or other things, do you take it personal and get emo about it?[/color]
Yes ofc.

MMORPG experience:
Have you played any MMORPG before WoW? (Quake 3, Counter Strike etc. are NOT MMORPGís)

First game was World of Warcraft.

Anything Else you would like to tell us?

I know my gear is a bit low for your current progression, but that is something that can be fixed.  I got the skills and I got the experience.  Iím a bit young player, but I talk good English and understand it very well! 
Best Regards
Goofey, Grim Batol!



#2 2009-12-30 23:11:11

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Re: Holy Paladin Application

If there is something you think is weird or something your wondering about please tell me and I will try to answer you.



#3 2009-12-31 17:49:16

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Re: Holy Paladin Application

Thanks for the application. We'll get back to you in few days, but since we're currently on a christmas/new years break, it might take slightly longer than usual.



#4 2009-12-31 17:58:02

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Re: Holy Paladin Application

Yeah, I understand smile Take your time.

Happy New Year, btw smile



#5 2010-01-03 00:10:11

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Re: Holy Paladin Application

I can't see that I have written anything about my professions, but I'm currently working with my Herb/Alch, I hope it will be at at least 400 within a few days



#6 2010-01-03 22:49:37

From: Kauhava, Finland
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Re: Holy Paladin Application


"- Tuskin Mikankaan kohalla on vškisin tyŲnnetty piikkiš perseeseen, Nykšnen pšštteli."



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