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#1 2010-03-11 00:28:27

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From: Sweden, Östersund
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Niad - Warlock

Personal info
Name: Douglas
age: 23
Location: Östersund, Sweden
started playing wow: at the open beta release.

Character: Niad, lvl 80 Gnome Warlock
Armory: … mp;cn=Niad
Mainspec: Affliction
Offspec: Destruction

My WoW history.
Wow! well started out playing wow in beta and keept going ever sens. when the game was released and up to like summer of 2009 i was playing a holy priest, Riesen i am sure there are some old dogs here that knows me from the old days wink.
anyways back to the story..I started out playing in Ragnarok then when that fell apart, i went on to BotW, and then after about 5 - 6 months i think it was, i fell into the ranks of Dark Ritual where i have been for over 3.5 years, though during TBC i was casual playing. to much work basicly. then resumed raiding with dark ritual during Wotlk, but got bored with playing priest and started playing lock and i have simply fallen in love with this class. due to dark ritual not needing more warlocks or wanting to gear me up i went to my good friend Fawaka, u may know him as Conjuria, and i got myself a spot there. everyone was going fine in ram, extremly high activity, i am sure the old ram ppl in TEO can vouch for that wink. then when ram fell apart as a raiding guild i joined cartel and well i am there now , but due to some disagreements and arguments with officers there i have decided to leave. TEO is my first choise ofc, got loads of friends here and i am now hoping for a chance to join the ranks of the enigma order.

Raid experience.
Everything in Vanilla, everything but SSC, TK, BT, Sunwell in TBC,
everything in Wotlk but Lich King ofc, but got loads of experience of the fight and hope to down him soon wink.

I have a steady 24/10 I-net connection, no problems with Ventrilo, got Mic ofc and speak very good english.
Addons, well guess i have to post em all wink

Addon Control Panel - To turn off and on addons without relogging.
Atlasloot - Well says it all, want to stay current with new loots.
Auctioneer - Helps me with my AH dealings wink.
Bartender4 - Nice clean look on my bars and helps me move em around.
BigWigs Bossmod - Using this over DBM, think its cleaner and more my style, simplistic.
Buffalo3 - Allows for costumizing the buff area.
EventAlert - Alerts me to proccs of verious things, Talents/Gear.
ForteXorcist - Helps me keep a closer eye on the timers of dots and timer of proccs and such.
Grid - Only have this to see Alive/Dead/Out of Range.
Omen - Allows me to keep a close eye on my major TPS hmm.
oRA2 - This is a addon that was required in Cartel and will be removed unless u guys use it ofc wink.
Pitbull Unit Frames - Nice simplistic, clean health / mana bar.
Quartz - A very nice and highly customizable cast bar.
Prat 3.0 - Improving the ingame chat.

think that is it. i know i didnt need to list em all, but hey someone might be intressed wink.

Why i want to join TEO
Well i have alot of friends in TEO, must say that is whats drawing me there mostly. but ofc i want to take down the end game content with a friend and capable guild wich i believe u guys to be.

Some of the people in TEO that knows what kinda guy i am.
Conjuria, Korpus, Qurrai, Jín, Jackard, Johnreaper, Airbase, Anolim, sry if i forgot someone wink

Some people in TEO that might not like me.
none comes to mind, and i hope none dislikes me wink

what i will contribute
I will show up in time, ready with the normal stuff needed for raids, flasks, food, pots.
I will show up with tactics banged into my head for each and every boss that we should face.
I will show up and do some nasty affliction dps to these so called "bosses" wink .
I will keep up normal attendence, 100% <-> 95%

I am online quite alot so just /w Niad or one of my alts, Carme, Riesen, Zenobé.

I think thats it, looking forward to hear from u guys.




#2 2010-03-11 01:05:34

From: Kauhava, Finland
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Re: Niad - Warlock

Hey Niad, thanks for your aplication. We will get back to you shortly smile

"- Tuskin Mikankaan kohalla on väkisin työnnetty piikkiä perseeseen, Nykänen päätteli."



#3 2010-03-13 12:19:34

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Re: Niad - Warlock

Accepted for a test period.



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