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#1 2010-03-12 00:18:45

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Eromenos: Protection paladin

- Name
Jonas Taasti

- Age
17 y/o

- Nationality

- Character name
Eromenos (:

- Class and spec
Paladin - protection

- Armory link … n=Eromenos

- WoW-heroes link … e=Eromenos

- Attendance
Well I couldn't really find anywhere when you were raiding, but I can raid everyday, but friday and saturday 

- Endgame experience (include vanilla, tbc, wotlk experience (also pvp experience if relevant)
Well this is a char I made during the 1st raid tier of WOLTK. So I don't have any experience from earlier than Naxx in 80.
Though I have played ever since before AQ20/40 was released.
I have played serveral chars throug time, first a lock which I cleared ZG and some of MC untill Ragnaros I back then played on Balnaazar but in the week just after TBC was released I migrated to Stormscale where he still is (named Scaryer). Then 2 weeks  after the release of TBC I started playing on a hunter still on Stormscale (Elfsti) where me and a couple of friends actually lead a guild named 'Beyond Reality' and we cleared the whole KZ and Gruul's lair before the other instances such as SSC and TK came, but when they did I stopped playing WoW for a while and came back to the game and then played on an UD rogue named Discruciolól on Mazrigos where I only pvp'ed and actually were close to get Gladiator title in the end of TBC. Then in WOLTK I made my pala which I later on transfered in here and made Ally to play with my friends. So I have only done a little in Ulduar and then became a serious PvE guy in the beginning of ToC.
In icc I haven't gotten further than the 4 first bosses in 25 since I only have pugged it and that's never good hmm
In icc10 though I have killed into Proffesor + proffesor, I know it's not a lot, but I have tried the other fights (again with pugs so it's never a sure win o.O) and I have read up/seen movies for every bosses in icc.
And I think it might be a + I have been doing a little icc10hc and have done into Saurfang hc so far.

- Connection stability and computer performance
I constantly have arround 40 fps it's not much but it's rarely lower than that and of course rarely higher than that - so I'd say my computer is pretty stable.
I don't know anything about computers but it's pretty old but I never lag (:

- Previous Guilds and reasons for leaving them
I can't remember what my guild in Vannila was called but it was some wierd danish name I think since it was a danish guild.
TBC: Beyond Reality - me and my friends lead the guild as above mentioned, but we stopped playing WoW for a while and therefore the guild disbanded
WOTLK: Fritbytterlogen (horde guild on Mazrigos) - it slowly died out and does not raid anymore
WOLTK: 21 mad dogs (horde guild on Stormreaver) - I left it because I gaction changed to ally with all my friends.
And ever since I have faction changed haven't I got any luck to find a guild ):

- Why do you want to join Enigma Order?
I have heard nice things about you such as good progress and good experience in end-game raiding (: and also that you have some nice and friendly players

- Is there anyone in Enigma Order that will vouch for you?
Nagamemnon aka. Narnias (or the other way arround) perhaps big_smile

As you might have noticed, I copy pasted the application template from another guild's website. Though I made all the answers spesific for you. It's just that I'm awfull at applications with out any forms to fill - because sometimes I just make walls of text and in other cases I forget half of it, but I hope this is okay - and if not please post a comment and I'll improve it by making an aplication template my self (:



#2 2010-03-12 10:42:30

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Re: Eromenos: Protection paladin

Hey and thanks for your interest towards our guild. Our paladin leader Vonhankkija will reply to you soonish.



#3 2010-03-12 16:01:29

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Re: Eromenos: Protection paladin

A little update, I have now killed Festergut, Blood prince council and Blood queen on hc mode as well (:



#4 2010-03-13 12:32:56

From: Kauhava, Finland
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Re: Eromenos: Protection paladin

Hello mate. I'm sorry to inform you that currently our guild got already two very active protection paladins, so we are not looking new ones to our ranks at the moment.


"- Tuskin Mikankaan kohalla on väkisin työnnetty piikkiä perseeseen, Nykänen päätteli."



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