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#1 2010-07-28 02:43:01

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Kunti - protection paladin - declined

my name is Jeppe Andersen, i am 18 year old, and livling in Denmark
Right now im just working, and that wont take time from my playing so dont worry smile, i got a girlfriend, who hasnt got any thing agasent me playing, so she understand aswell hehe. smile i play with my 2 best friends, Kwindu the warlock smile and adoraya a shammy
i belive that kwindu is applying aswell, so there is 2 great players here smile

Im applying because i need a nice raiding guild, a social guild, and really nice people, who can have fun and are very friendly. also whos serious in raids. not slacking, so i was thinking of you.

my char is: human male, paladin, i am protection, and tanked many things, since lvl 70 from start smile i tryed to tank in lvl 60 aswell on onyixa, but wasnt so great, i had my paladin since the beginin of wow, and i am the real owner ofc smile

my proffesions are mining for more stam and nice money grinding 450/450 smile, and alchemist  not so great yet 150/450 or something, a new proffestion. i can change if you need smile

i bring flaskes, and feast if you need to raid, and be on time, if i cant come, i will come and say, or unsign or something, whatever you use smile

my armory link : … p;cn=Kunti doing the dps weapon is for more ttreath i never use argroo, i think i only got problemes when kwindu is attacking hehe smile.

i played since wow came out, clearet almost everything, i almost cleared naxx in lvl 60 aswell, aswell as lvl 70, no problems there, and 80 i tryed lichking, and i tryed hallon, but no succes

hoping to hear  from you



#2 2010-07-28 03:48:56

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Re: Kunti - protection paladin - declined

Thanks for the application, we will get back to you in a while.



#3 2010-07-29 20:20:50

From: Kauhava, Finland
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Re: Kunti - protection paladin - declined

I'm sorry to inform that currently we are not looking new protection paladins to join our ranks.



"- Tuskin Mikankaan kohalla on väkisin työnnetty piikkiä perseeseen, Nykänen päätteli."



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