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#1 2010-08-08 02:13:41

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Known buggs that are major atm

We basically got two major bugs running atm. One that we can't do much concrete about, and once thats very much superb. Both bugs are favouring us.

Bug nr1:
- Deepwounds. If a crit happens 0.20-0.25 seconds after a DW tick has landed, you get it increased the next time it ticks. Thats very random, but still a solid fact. Meaning the only thing we can do to make DW scale higher, is to stack crit, beyond the crit soft cap. It will even then, be random if it will scale up, or not, but its the only thing we can do to up its dps percentage. This should in theory make crit have a higher SEP value (strenght equivillance point) than STR itself. That's why I want one of you to gear/gem for crit basically. Crit is very close to STR SEP value as it is, this will probably make it higher once a certain megic numbre of STR UB is gained.

Bug nr2:
This one is the major one.
- If you queue either heroic strike, or cleave, and you have the hit cap for special attacks (8% hit. 3% from talents, 1% from draenei). you will never miss an Offhand hit. This is true. meaning spamming HS, or cleave with the special attack hitcap (which everyone should have) will make your offhand always hit. That means more stable rage income (only controlled by crit basically), and more dmg as of white dmg.
Bottom line: Spam HS/cleave ALWAYS! NO MATTER WHAT.




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