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#1 2010-08-10 13:57:24

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some questions

do we still rock ?

what's the cool spec now ?

what's the "i'm a noob. but still does ok dps" spec ?

how do i gear up fast so I can see the inside of ICC? (from ilvl 200/213)

and finally; how many active hunters ?

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#2 2010-08-10 15:39:38

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From: Steinkjer\Oslo, Norway
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Re: some questions

Still rocking smile
If you just want to see the inside of icc, i suggest 10man normal, for that you need like ilevel 245+ gear, perhaps 251 to be on the safe side, unless i've mixed the numbers up somehow. A nice way to start is to do heroics, and it's easy to find a group now that the "group finding system" is in place, not sure if it was up while you were active last. Buying gear with frost emblems and triumph emblems from heroic run rewards, is perhaps the fastest way. Also doing the newest heroics might help some, as they drop ilevel 232, though 232 is too low for icc 10 normal. If you have wast amonts of gold, AH could save some time, perhaps our guild bank could help as well some how. I'm in on a 10 man run any time, and if we get some good geared people to join, you dont need that much gear, if we go normal 10.



#3 2010-08-10 17:38:19

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Re: some questions

You basically need to farm heroics for emblems, there is the t9 232, and some 245 nonset parts/trinkets/rings etc. There is also alot of nice 232 stuff from the new Icc5 heroics (some of these requires abit gear to be able to queue for in the dungeon finder). A mix of 232/245 gear like this should be more than enough, condisering Icc10 normal only drops 251.

Wrathful pvp parts could also serve as a spotholder if you have a certain bad gearpart, both for being able to enter the Icc5 heroics and maybe even for some raids. Wrathful nonset parts are 264, now comes with arp, and doesn't require rating anymore.

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#4 2010-08-10 18:38:14

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Re: some questions

1. Yes.
2. Marksmanship.
3. Survival (but MM works too).
4. You can see whole ICC in heirloom items (proven fact). Gearing up was never faster than now.
5. Three, all with activity in range of 90-100% at this point of time.



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