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#1 2010-10-15 15:19:27



Posted from my phone so it looks a bit messed up but you just get what I'm trying to say

Its not very often that I get drawn to forums but it usually means I have something negative to start with I will keep it quite short so as not to get wound up even more.currently it feels I've been handed a pea shooter by blizzard to try and heal with in wednesdays raid there was 2 or 3 occasions where I felt like loging out of the game . Been put in a position where the raid takes damage and not been able to do anything about it
   Relying on my strongest heal using the best heal for the situation. I cast my chain heal only to see it heal for a 10k primary crit compared to a normall 22-23k crit pre patch t
There I
sn't even a way I can see what I have improving until cata is released I will wait a few more days so I can play around with my spec a bit more all gear has been reforged. To mastery deep heal (I think that's a joke added by blizz there)I think for mastery to be any good its not worth doing with current wotlk gear and I would need around a 200@ercent


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