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#1 2011-03-24 18:02:13

From: Denmark
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Need help!

Any of the Retradins who could help me with a pve specc and rotation, kinda beeing forced here to get a dps and have no idea where to start.

Any help would be sweet smile

<3 Narni

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#2 2011-03-25 01:53:26

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Re: Need help!

There are not many options in building a ret tree. I'm using 7-2-32, with 2 points in Acts of Sacrifice, but I played for a while with 1 point in Eye for an Eye and 1 point in Acts of Sacrifice. The other points are not optional, but a must. … nt/primary

Can see here the glyphs I'm using, it's just I'm switching between Glyph of Salvation and Glyph of Rebuke, when I need  to interrupt a lot and need Rebuke for free.
If u are expertise capped without using Glyph of Seal of Truth, then replace it with Glyph of Exorcism. I suppose u know hit cap is 8% (961) and expertise cap is 26.
Excepting hit and expertise, the priority in stats is mastery>crit>haste. So if u got a lot of haste on gear reforge it for mastery.

About rotation, there is no rotation, but something based on priority.
Inquisition up (preferable to use it at 3 hp) - HoW>Exorcism>TV>CS>Judgement>Holy Wrath
The main idea is to build hp for TV and the only way to build it is CS or the proc of Divine Purpose.

Use Guardian together with wings and use wings and zealotry as much as possible, but don't use together wings and zealotry.

This is the basic ret, for details read the 200 pages about ret on elitistjerks smile

Hope it helped,

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#3 2011-03-25 03:37:27

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Re: Need help!

Hey there, and a good post from you Utopie. I would agree on the specc, but then I would not totaly agree on some stuff u wrote here, so I would like to add my view of how to play ret aswell.

Talents: 7-3-31
Glyphs: Seal of Truth, Crusader Strike, Templar's Verdict. Hammer of Wrath, Crusader Strike, Hand of Salv/Rebuke. So yes, I totaly agree on on the glyphs here.

But, the dilemma is if you would like to have enough of Expertise on your own so you can glyph Exorcism or not. I would say, NO!. Reason for that is just that the Mastery for Retripaladins is kickass great atm, that I would use all my possible overflow of Expertise reforged to Mastery if I'm alrdy hit caped.

Yes, did read about the Exorcism glyph is prty good, but for my rota Exorcism is abit low on my list.

How I start a normal fight:
Judge(you get runspeed,manaregen,hastebuff)
Guardian of A Kings
Holy Wrath

Now, around 10 sec has passed  so you got 3xHP up, you can see that the stacks of the GoAK almost is stacked up to hes maximum and you are up for doing some real dmg.

You would like to use a macro.
#showtooltip Zealotry
/cast Zealotry
/cast Inquisition
/cast Avenging Wrath
/use Impatience of Youth (trinket)
/use Golemblood Potion

If u didn't get blind of all that bling bling you may be it when u start hiting wink

Rota when everything is up:

CS - TV - Hammer - CS - TV - Hammer                              NOTE: If you get a FREE Exor    DO NOT USE IT! will fuck up ur dmg rota abit, and prob you will have that Exor up runing when your wings and stuff runing out, then use it.

Prio to spells : TV > CS > Hammer

Yes, I can see the point that you would loose 1 - 2 hammers if u play really bad in there, but then again, Jesus the TV and CS + mastery get a sick boost when the wings are up.

Back to mastery, It's affected by CS and TV, and them only, so when u stand there doing dmg and thinking that well, CS eint hiting that hard, nor TV at times you also have to add the +%mastery holy dmg u get behind it.

Atm I'm rolling with 45% more holy dmg due to the mastery stacking, and it's great.

Also, we got this random procc that gives you 3x holy power for free, always use them on TV, not on Inquisition if you can see that you are able to apply 1 - 2x HP Inquisition right after (0.1sec) it ticks out. Reason, free TV is a free TV, hardest attack you got. But then again, you really need to have Inquisition up and runing while doing dmg or else you can say "Good Bye" to the top dps. Another thing I found a bit fancy is that if you are runing low on Inquisition, with only 1 HP rdy, and ur CS is on CD, PUSH it and see what the RNG may bring, "OH a 3xholy power for free". Yes sir, the 3x holypower for free system also procc on that one, so you may be lucky. Anyway, you alrdy used that 1xhp on Inq, so it still got a few sec left, NEVER, I say again, NEVER overlap Inq with few Sec, no no, it should always be around 0.1 - 0.5 sec. No more, no less, that would be a dps loss.

Spell Prio:

Str>Hit/expertise(when it comes to before cap)>Mastery>Crit>>>Haste. And that works the other way aswell when it comes to reforge wink

Also, if the only stat you are able to reforge on a item, as if you need the hit/expertise that is alrdy on the other stat, you reforge Crit to Mastery.
Remember, Mastery and Crit is boosting each other great, don't cry if you are doing shit dmg on the dummy, you miss so many vital buffs that it sucks to be alone.
Depending on how much Mastery you got still is that Mastery will be top 1 top 2 with TV on total dmg done by spells and effects.

When it comes to HORDE KILLING and speccing to that I will tell you about it some other time, when info is needed.

Anyway, YES EJ got loads of great ideas on how to play Retpala, fair enough they got all the sick data and math ect, but don't forget. Retpaladin main WOTLK was 0 RNG, now they are plenty of stuff that can procc at random times, when you are in your dps mode or and when your w8ing for your great CD's to tick down, so it's just to learn the basic prios, judge by yourself what is the best thing to do, then hit the right buttons to be kickass.

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