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#1 2011-03-25 17:32:16

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Current druid state

So as of now we will have 2 new druids joining our ranks and I'm pretty sure they both like ice cream

So as of now our ranks and specs will look like following

Resto: Axc, Tahorn
Balance: Garadien, Tuner
The cool hybrid: Clawhammer (should be renamed thoughthammer for the lolz)

The idea behind recruiting 2 new druids is first of all try and not to have less then 4 druids in a raid opposed to like we have it now 3 or less
There are obviously pros and cons to this but hopefully the pros outweigh the cons

Tahorn will be joining as said resto with tank of spec with our Halfus tactic there is always something nice to having a extra tank to utilize. and personally I have been intressted in how well multiple restos will scale in practice now we'll see

Clawhammer will full fill perhaps the coolest roll as trail ever joining as what you could call double dps main spec keeping both kitty and owl up to date and able to switch between those with out problem, once again the pros here having the extra inturrupter for fights like Nefarian or the extra ranged dps for Atramedes endless possibility will follow

And for the future since as you might guess from what writen above we like having multiple use for druids so would like all druids to have a more or less usable ofspec for the future 

Peace out

Never give up, never surrender!



#2 2011-03-26 19:49:38

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Re: Current druid state

4 druids!



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