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#1 2011-11-25 20:32:40

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Healing balance in 4.3

Some fun bits from Paragon forums. Nothing too serious for us, but worth reading. Source.


arx wrote:

Druids get a ~15% hit

To give some perspective how much 15% is in terms of scaling (napkin math disclaimer): you need about 1000 intellect worth of stats to overcome it. That's about the same as a bump to mixed 410/397 gear with mostly heroic items. Considering that the new set bonuses are much worse than the current ones, we'll be roughly at or slightly above current levels of power when wearing a mostly BiS set in 4.3.

The reality is that without any changes to healer balance, druids would have been overpowered in the next tier.

Don't expect to be more than a mediocre healer this time around.


arx wrote:

Shamans are still extremely dependent on positioning (read: 80% useless)

Shaman sample size is too small to say anything, but the lack of major changes suggests that they still suck, unless you can stand in the pool with less than half health. The max hit point buff might be worth bringing though.


arx wrote:

Paladins get a powerful spammable AoE heal

If the encounter allows the healers to stand still and doesn't force players to spread, paladin healing seemed to kick a hole in the roof. In the optimal scenario paladins in 4.3 will most likely heal more than druids do on live right now.

The downside is that the shift to more beacon-less healing, and raid healing in general, can really be felt (or perhaps the bosses simply hit like a truck), requiring more attention on the tank from other healers. Paladins are still very slightly edged out in pure healing by druids and priests if there's a lot of movement and spread.


arx wrote:

Holy priests and druids have very similar healing niches, so the choice is mostly just a matter of numbers. Divine Hymn seemed to outperform Tranquility by a considerable margin. I really can't say beforehand which will come out on top, but the difference probably won't be too big; i.e. I assume it won't matter much for anyone outside, say... top 20, or so.

Holy gets its Tranquility+ and a slight CoH nerf
Disc unchanged

Healing setups:

arx wrote:

Paladins, and a druid or a priest (for color) for some encounters.
A balanced pink/orange/white healing setup for others.

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#2 2011-11-26 14:37:19

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Re: Healing balance in 4.3

shamans trololo

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