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#1 2011-12-05 08:21:33

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I lost track of who joined when exactly, so I'll just write it here for the sake of world pieace and clarity.

Maxilla has been actively (very) raiding with us for well over a year up until recently, when one thing led to another and she felt she needed a break. Now she wants to get back in business. She's ranked as one of the Guild Creators (which, shortly, is a rank for person with strong afflication to the guild who helped shaping it, but do not raid at given point of time) and gets added to invitee lists for GC events manually. The reason for which she is not a testplayer (which is the case for Araun - Baltherazar, who's in the exect same situation as Maxilla) is that the current rank grants her access to officers chat, which is something I want to maintain.

Granted, she still still needs to do competitive dps to become full time raider again.



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