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#1 2012-08-28 11:16:47

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assasination in mop. PVE.

So far "mute" seems the way to go in mop.

4 reasons for this:

1: Improved Poisons (Passive)
2: Assassin's Resolve (Passive)
3: Venomous Wounds (Passive)
4: Mastery: Potent Poisons (passive)

All this combined this giving poisions a SICK dps boost, some meters with 85 gear doin poision damage for 39% ( deadly )

So rotation will come some like this:
Open from stealth / garrote ( with talent this won´t cost energi ) mute 3-4 combo´s then SaD up, next to get 5 combo´s rup up and then evennom every 5 combo´s / as SaD runs out, due too a passive skill called Blindside (Passive) you have a 30 % chance to get Dispatch that can be used anywhere in the fight ( last in beta around 5-6 sek ) that is not alot when you have to keep SaD, Rup up.

Vendatta is ofc allways on cd / or for hero´s

As Cd´s there are some that need to be looked at and timed abit.

1: Overkill:  gives you energi back as you puts bleeds on target ( garrote ) from Venomous Wounds (Passive) so preparation seems to be a must.

2: Blindside (Passive): gives you a 30 % chance to use Dispatch ( witch is your new main finisher as the target gets below 35% hp ) but due too blindside this can proc 30% chance for that at any hp your target is at, ( so my thoughs are dont keep spamming buttoms so energi is gone, you need some for Dispatch and therefore more dps.

3: Dispatch:  is gonna be your main finisher when target is below 35% hp.

4: Vendetta : hasn´t been changed so still the same.

There are some really nice stuff still for mute Seal Fate is one off em ( Your critical strikes from abilities that add combo points have a X% chance to add an additional combo point.) this will make combo´s come quit easy I recon. and tehrefor no need to SPAM keyboard for combo´s to keep rotation up. so you will have energi when blindside proc.

As reforging I see this:  hitcap poisions<mastery<haste<exp<crit<white hit<rest.

Gems: agi < mast<crit< hit.

bis for assi:

remember this is just my thoughs so far. more we´ll come as we learn more over the next weeks.

hope this will help you little rogues out there.


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#2 2012-08-28 14:29:35

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Re: assasination in mop. PVE.

Forever alone ;D



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