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#1 2013-11-24 22:56:11

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New secondary and tertiary stats added in the next expansion

The new Secondary stats are as follows:

Amplify - Like the bindings except X% Amplify means: +X% Crit Damage Multiplier and Multistrike Damage Multiplier, and +X% more Haste/Mastery/Readiness/Spirit/Armor from gear. Amplify isn't stat specific. If you have 10% Amplify, and 1000 Haste (rating) on gear, you get 1100 Haste (rating) from gear.

Multistrike - Doesn't quite work like the multistrike we have currently. X% Multistrike means: Each ability has two separate (X/2)% chances to hit each target an additional time for 30% damage. Multistrikes count as hitting the same target twice with one cast, not multiple casts. (i.e. Mind Blast won’t generate 2 shadow orbs) Multistrike is split into two (X/2)% chances, so that you can occasionally get a triple-hit (fun!), and the cap is 200%, not 100%. Multi-strikes work for heals and crit. And multistrike will work with the cleave tertiary stat, but only one way. It won't be your multistrike hits and cleaves, the cleave procs multi-strike, that cleaves and procs it...etc..They won't make it an endless rng chain of possible dps. It'd more-so be like multistrike hits and cleaves. Or you get a cleave and it multi-strikes. ALSO multistrike will not be based on the damage of the attack. It isn't specific to say what it is based on, but it was 100% mentioned that the damage won't be based off the attack that proc'd it. Also multistrikes can crit.

Readiness - X% Readiness increases the cooldown recovery rate (aka, divides the cooldown by (1+Readiness)) of *some* class abilities. The number of abilities affected by Readiness will vary by spec (will be listed in spellbook, like Mastery). Coefficient likely to vary too. The current abilities affected by the SoO trinkets MAY NOT be the same abilities affected in WoD.

Bonus armor and spirit will be secondary stats but only on trinkets jewelry cloaks wep etc.

The new tertiary are as follows:

Avoidance - -% AoE damage taken.

Cleave - X% Cleave means: X% chance for single-target abilities to also hit a second nearby target, +X% damage/healing on multi-target abilities. It can crit as well. Also cleaves just like multistrikes do not work like SoO trinkets, their damage is not dependent on the damage of the ability that proc'd it.

Lifesteal - X% of the damage done is converted into healing for you. Works similar to the SoO trinkets.

Speed - Increases movement speed

Sturdiness - Just means the gear doesn't lose durability. No repairs on that item.

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#2 2013-11-25 02:02:33

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Re: New secondary and tertiary stats added in the next expansion

That multistrike sounds like a mess



#3 2013-11-27 17:17:14

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Re: New secondary and tertiary stats added in the next expansion

Maybe a mess, but it does sound like fun.



#4 2013-11-28 14:13:36

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Re: New secondary and tertiary stats added in the next expansion

My gosh. Gotta say WoD sounds mighty cool.
I simply love the theme. Lorewise it should bring back some of the older, already known stories, which we know is solid.  Wondering if developers has been thinking of the story which is to be in the movie, as it is the prelogue for the mobie, with a tiwst of course.
The new system for stats, pluss the totally new stats as well, not to mention the way to BIS-gearing (considering its a much harder to  get BIS gear now), reminds me of the Diablo-series (ggood stuff). It also adds some much needed complexity to such a big part of the game. hopefully this would once again make theorycrafting considered somewhat advanced. Love it!

I feel that if there ever was an expansion to return back to the game with, this would be it.


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