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#1 2015-01-27 13:23:00

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Little something related to Foundry

With Blackrock Foundry just over a week from release, guides have come out for several encounters already, and as I read over the fights on WoWHead, I was surprised to see that the Blast Furnace fight has a mechanic that makes it highly beneficial to have priests in the group on normal and heroic, and MANDATORY to have them (i.e. shadow priests) on mythic. Feel free to look it up yourselves, but basically, the fight requires you to kill an add next to another channeling add in order to remove a shield so that the channeling add can be damaged. There is a 3rd type of add that spawns throughout the fight that can be mind controlled (And only via Dominate Mind from a priest, there is no mechanic in the fight itself that does this i.e. Instructor Razuvious) and will do damage to the elemental adds, so they explode faster and players can damage the channeling mobs more. This is completely optional in normal and heroic, and in fact looks very easily doable, which means you aren't burnt if you do not have a priest in smaller groups.

If we look at the fight on mythic difficulty, however, these elemental mobs gain a shield that grants them FULL DAMAGE IMMUNITY unless they are attack by a mob being mind controlled, at which point they gain a debuff and can be damaged normally. This seems like such a strange move for Blizzard to pull because I personally do not remember the last time a mechanic for a fight was put solely on one class, especially on a difficulty that requires a more or less specific raid comp already. Of course no one has done this fight on mythic yet, but guides would suggest that healing gets pretty intense during the phase in which this mechanic takes place, so to have a disc or holy priest do this seems out of the question, which suggests that mythic raid comps REQUIRE a shadow priest.

It would appear I cannot get rid of you people en masse just yet. Interesting, interesting.


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