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#1 2015-09-13 20:57:25

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Application Markmanship Hunter Theaqueén - declined

Character Info

Character name: Theaqueén

Class: Hunter

Main Spec: Marksmanship - 716-

Off Spec, include ilvl: Beast Master  -712-

Armory link: … A9n/simple

Battletag: Aprilryan#2727

Alts, only max level ones: Hellokitty- (balance druids non-geared ,ravencrest ) -Warrior arms (700item level geared on outland)

Are you the original owner of the account?  Yes.

Detailed guild history: Started from Lux Lucis *Twisting Nether horde , but the guild disbanded. afterwards i found my way in a guild named "loot inc" hated the atmosphere and left them, then i joined Renovo a guild with who i  progress heroic garrosh 25man the *old mythic* after we farmed all 25mounts and waited for wod i had  to leave them also to join a guild on sylvanas with irl friends *alliance* to help them, we raided for a long time but we switched back to twisting nether again , 9mtnhs later we decide  join ravencrest alliance ,  where i become Theaqueén  ( a big mess yeah alot of transfers ^__^ )

Raiding History : maybe i forget something i play since tbc; p

karazhan 10) holy paladin
(grull 25) holy paladin
(tk 25)  holy paladin
(battle for mountain Hijal) holy paladin
(ssc 25) holy paladin
(black temple 25)  holy paladin
(naxxramas 10-25)  holy paladin undying
(trial of the crusader 25)
(ulduar 25) holy paladin
(cata zero )  -
(soo 10-25)the old heroic  hunter.

Do you use your abilities in a rotation or priority system for optimal performance? : Chimera Shot , Kill Shot 35% , Aimed Shot ,Barrage on adds with rapid fire most value , passive crit also makes ur rotation optimal , for exampe an add appears and u can swap on it aim shot it gain focus back even get thrill keep on aimshotin wastin 2 seconds of chimera shots cooldown but have won 60 + focus and crits on the extra add and then double chimera shot  : )

Explain the thought process behind your choice of gear, enchants, glyphs, gems and/or talent builds: 

(Posthaste)  for more mobility (reaver barrage) (bind shot )for adds , Iron hawk 10%- passive dmg taken. Thril of the hunter for more procs on aimshot , also 75crit gems to ensure u  will crit and gain you focus back and with bonus 4 to establish dominance:PP etc . glyphs animal bond to help the healers glyph of deta ,and chimera shot for the extra abit healing everything counts : ) now focusin shot is 3k dps+ on fight's where theres not  movemnt , but lone wolf is lone wolf ^__^

How do you keep yourself updated with your class and game play? :

with alot sites i agree others disagree others are not even updated , for example on this patch they buffed aim shot  15% the bonus 4 is extraordinarily
and so my eyes drop on markmanship , but in general i play what is best tongueP , brf was bm better so i played bm: PP:P ,however i check mmo- champion  and eyebeast for updates when im bored or not sure

Do you truly enjoy playing your MAIN character?  hunter is lovely the focus of management is a drug also to be a range dps is perfect like watching a move on the cinema while the melees running like headless chickens around hopin not to hit a bomb ;P we are guccy!

Combat Logs

Black Rock Foundry: … /970497/7/      (Survival - Beast Mastery )

Hellfire Citadel : … /970497/8/           (Markmanship - Beast Mastery)

Raid Ui :

Are you ready to trans/race change? : Hope not : P

Personal info

Your name:

23 years old.


Tell us a bit about yourself. i worked in a candy shop cuz here in greece you  cant get a work for what you studied to do for living .....tongue
i dont have feelings for girls they are all whores (talking for ages 18-28) others are mature i guess or i want to  believe....
and i like drinking on  point  dat i dont have control of my actions ahahahaah

Do you have a stable connection and a PC that runs the game smoothly? : NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M 4G Ram
i also have netcafe for backup if something happends , so i dont miss progress day

Which are the most important addons you use to support your raiding? :

(Deadly Boss mods ) by far the most imporatant  ,  then its exorsus raid tools , also angry assigments is great , then abit personal addons like Weak Auras Tmw,  and last skada

Do you have Teamspeak and a working microphone? : yeap

Why do you want to join us and what do you expect from us?: i want to join the enigma order for stable  hardcore raiding  , and i expect understament as we all have problems

Is there anything else you would like to add?
hmhmm i have 5 mythic exp sadly cycle disbanded and so im guildless,  now i know i dont have the same exp as you guys but i know im a expeditional player with that been said i must adjust to the raid  and if i cant thanks for the trial if there's a trial to begin with.



#2 2015-09-14 18:59:55

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Re: Application Markmanship Hunter Theaqueén - declined

Theaqueen wrote:

i dont have feelings for girls they are all whores (talking for ages 18-28) others are mature i guess or i want to  believe....



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