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DH/hunter application


Age: 24
Gender: Male
Nationality: Russia
Anything else about you, the person, we might be interested in: First of all, thank you for your time reading my application, highly appreciate it smile. My name is Tim, 24(25 in 12 days) and I live in Russia, Moscow. Perhaps you think vodka, bears now, not even mentioning those "bad words" which originally came from CS:GO, No, no and again, no. In fact I really dislike all of them, ok, except bears, I do like bears actually smile. Anyway, I have been to many European countries, in fact I was to France more then 10 times(my uncle lives there). When I was to Greece I stayed with my guild mate and we had a wonderful time, also met a lot of other guild mates(Most of people in my guild were from Greece). I started playing World of Warcraft in May 2005 and since I was playing on European servers, only during Cataclysm I was playing on Russian servers. I met a lot of nice people from there as well, with few I still talk daily, but average my experience on RU servers was horrible, people felt too toxic. I regularly talk to English-speaking people and I enjoy meeting people from other countries, learning their culture and so on.
I have some hobbies:). No, not drinking vodka:) I don't like vodka, prefer beer or whine, or perhaps whiskey. I like to play tennis, I play since very young, it's very interesting sport in my opinion especially during Summer. Also I am very passionately interested in series, I have watched over 100, here is a list of my most favorite ones: … s-edition! They helped me a lot to level 23 100+ I have(4 110 right now). Ok, I admit, I am altoholic as well smile. Also I enjoy to go to cinema/restaurants time to time, for example today I went to "War Dogs" and it was good smile. might also go to The Magnificent Seven once it gets released in Moscow. Few words about my job and available time for raiding, in all my previous guilds I made sure to perform 100% attendance even when I had important stuff to do. Yes, I missed few, but had a really good reasons, I always care for the team and warn beforehand. Right now, I am playing wow~12 hours a day and I am unemployed, in future I may return to my old job but it will never effect my raiding attendance.


Nickame: Maldydh or Neyttiri
BattleTag: Malderon#2802
Armory Link: … ydh/simple or … iri/simple
Mainspec: Havok/MM
Offspec: Vengence
Professions: Skinning/Leatherworking or JC/mining

What do you consider the most significant pros and cons of your class/spec in the current state of affairs: I am applying as DH or hunter but also I can gear up my mage. In current state Havok DHs are very strong in AOE, maintaining Momentum buff is very important, it provides significant dps increase. During boss encounters I can provide interrupt job, every 15 seconds with 20 yard range, which also provides me 50 rage which is very nice. I can also perform any job which would require a high mobility such as switching between adds or doing specific task. I'll also change my talents depending on fight, I am aware that Momentum won't be best for every boss and I'll surely keep that in mind to perform as best as I could.
P.S. keep in mind, by the time raid hits all my characters will be properly gem'd and enchanted.

Are any of your alts suit for raiding? If so, tell us about them and link armory profile: … iri/simple I have 110 mage and priest as well, but they are not geared.

Please provide a WoL log presenting your awesomeness. In absence of logs, post screenshots of recount/skada from an encounter of the current tier.
Without this, you will most likely be rejected.
I am afraid all logs are gone now( … 5321938/8/), but at least I found some as hunter: … 1061122/7/ , … 061122/8/.

Which pve addons do you use?
DBM/AA/Raid tools and any other which guild requires.

Show us your UI.

Raiding Experience (we're mostly interested in your achievements in the current expansion, but do impress us with previous experience if you feel it helps):
MC: Full clear
BWL: Full Clear
ZG: Full Clear
Aq20: Full Clear
Aq40: All up to Twins


Kara: Full clear
Gruul: Full clear
Mag: Full clear
ZA: Full clear
TK: Full clear
SSC: Full clear
(got title)
MH+BT: Full clear.
SWP: 1/6 pre-nerf, 6/6 post-nerf


Naxx25: Full clear
OS: Full clear
Malygos: Full clear
Ulduar10 HC: Full clear
Ulduar25 HC: Full clear, except yogg+0
ToGc10/25 HC: Full clear
ICC10HC: ~ 5 HMs
ICC25HC: ~ 6 HMs

6/6 BWD HC
4/5 BoT HC (like 70 attempts killing council)
2/2 TotfW HC
FL 6/7 HC DS 4/8HC

TOT 4/13 HC
SoO 14/14 mythic

6/7 Mythic Highmaul(skipped Tectus)
BRF 9/10 mythic
HFC 9/14 mythic

What attendence should we realistically expect from you (for the sake of clarity, please note that while our Monday and Thursday raids start at 19.30, the Sunday one starts at 18.45). If you can't make it on any of our raiding days on a general basis, do not apply.
Any external factors affecting activity we ought to know about (some flexibility applies, but we really want players able to join all 3 raids a week):

As I provided information in the start I take it very seriously, I would hate to let my team down. You can expect my attendance to be 100% and I will tell ASAP if I can't make it, and it will be goddamn good reason. Also I'll take a part in alt runs/split runs even if I have to raid 7 days a week.


Why are you applying to The Enigma Order, what made you choose us, when and where did you first hear about us:

I am not expecting to get a raid spot, I understand that it's the start of expansion and you most likely have already a set up group, but if there is any chance to prove myself in upcoming raids I'll take it. I am also looking forward to join nice community and make new friends. As a player you can expect me to prepare for each raid very seriously, bringing enough potions/flasks/food to each raid, reading/watching tactics and bringing good mood to the raid smile. Also providing best performance during raid, I will push myself to limits I can promise you that.

Please confirm that you have read and understood our rules and they are ok for you (yes, this is our way to ensure we're not asked somewhat silly questions that are already answered in writing at the Rules section of the forum):
Yes, I have read them all and fully agree upon them.

Is there anything else you would like to include that may assist your application?
I am always up for a challenge, my goal is to clear mythic raids as soon as possible same as going as high as possible in mythic + dungeons. Also, not less important I made a lot of friends in wow, and I met a lot of them irl as well, so social part is very important for me:). Expect me to use forums a lot when you accept me^^.


Please post Speed Test results. Run it from your place to Frankfurt, Germany.

I have no connection issues, it's very stable.

Is your computer good enough to handle 25 man heroic raids? If you only did 10 man and lfr until now, say so please.
I have geforce gtx 970, 16 GB RAM, my fps in raid is 60(in 25m).

Do you have a working microphone and are you able to connect to TS3 servers?
I have no problem communicating during raids, it's important part of raiding progress and I know when you need to keep quite and when you need to call out stuff. Also I have experience being GM/RL.

Should you be accepted, you will be asked to provide your cellphone number to the leading team. This is for the sake of on-going coordination, your number will not be made public nor used for anything not related to the game. Is this ok?

No problem at all, I am also not against joining any applications like what's up.



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Re: DH/hunter application

Hello and thank you for the application.

HFC 9/14 mythic

There were 13 bosses in HFC. Which is entirely irrelevant, but I just wanted to show that the application was indeed carefully considered.
Please contact me in game, so that we can talk a little bit, b-tag lamme#2288.



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Re: DH/hunter application




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