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Marksmanship Hunter - Wulfstan - declined


Age: 18
Gender: Male
Nationality: Denmark
Occupation: College aka. gymnasium in my country
How good is your English: I get a bit under top grades at my college
Anything else about you, the person, we might be interested in:


Nickame: Wulfstan
BattleTag: kethium#21648
Armory Link: … tan/simple
Mainspec: Marksmanship
Offspec: Beast Mastery
Professions: Mining and enchanting (low level)

Regardless of its quality (ilvl), is you gear fully taken care of?
I have the enchants on all my gear.
What do you consider the most significant pros and cons of your class/spec in the current state of affairs:
Aoe can be really strong if we are able to have decent rng (explosive shot procs). When you are talking about single target then the biggest problem is if you can still for longer periods of time.
Are any of your alts suit for raiding? If so, tell us about them and link armory profile:
I don't currently have any alts that are raid ready.

Please provide a WoL log presenting your awesomeness. In absence of logs, post screenshots of recount/skada from an encounter of the current tier.
Without this, you will most likely be rejected. … 74/latest/
Which pve addons do you use?
I use weakauras, dbm, elvui and details
Show us your UI.
Raiding Experience (we're mostly interested in your achievements in the current expansion, but do impress us with previous experience if you feel it helps):
I haven't really cleared many raids before legion. I currently have 4/7 M EN, 10/10 HC NH, 1/10 M NH and 3/3 ToV
What attendence should we realistically expect from you (for the sake of clarity, please note that while our Monday and Thursday raids start at 19.30, the Sunday one starts at 18.45). If you can't make it on any of our raiding days on a general basis, do not apply.
I won't have any trouble attending all the raids.
Any external factors affecting activity we ought to know about (some flexibility applies, but we really want players able to join all 3 raids a week):
Not really.

Why are you applying to The Enigma Order, what made you choose us, when and where did you first hear about us:
I was contacted by one of your offices (I believe), and I am currently looking for a serious guild who wants to achieve pve goals like cutting edge in this game.
Please confirm that you have read and understood our rules and they are ok for you (yes, this is our way to ensure we're not asked somewhat silly questions that are already answered in writing at the Rules section of the forum):
I have read the rules and I understand them.
Is there anything else you would like to include that may assist your application?
I dont think so I hope you would like me to join your guild and help on progression.

Please post Speed Test results. Run it from your place to Frankfurt, Germany.
Is your computer good enough to handle 25 man heroic raids? If you only did 10 man and lfr until now, say so please.
I have a pc with i7 6700k and a gtx 980 ti, so I should be good.
Do you have a working microphone and are you able to connect to TS3 servers?
Yes I am able to do that.
Should you be accepted, you will be asked to provide your cellphone number to the leading team. This is for the sake of on-going coordination, your number will not be made public nor used for anything not related to the game. Is this ok?
Yes I am fine with that.



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Re: Marksmanship Hunter - Wulfstan - declined

Thank you for the application, we will get back to you quickly.



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Re: Marksmanship Hunter - Wulfstan - declined




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