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#1 2017-09-26 18:01:49

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Leaving the raids before they are over

Next person that rage-quits a raid before it's over should expect getting demoted immediately.

I'm not going to go into analysis of the reasons that made people to do so recently. This stops now.

If anyone feels like fellow raiders are not good enough, is unhappy with the tactic, progress or whatever else, then that person needs to find an answer to a simple question - is this big enough of a problem for you to quit raiding with TEO permanently or not? If the answer is "yes", then no one is going to stop you from leaving the raid, but you will not be welcomed back next time. If the answer is "no", then grin and bare it, be constructive.

I did not react earlier, since I had hoped things would calm down on their own and because I did not - and do not - think it would be good for the guild to loose any of the people involved. However it is now clear to me that there is a far greater risk of losing numerous other members who have reached the breaking point and will not tolerate this any further. And I agree with them, even if it hinders the roster and progress temporarily.

This post was originally long, with detailed analysis, but then I changed my mind. Recently it was suggested to me that I'm too passive about what's going on in the guild. Well this is me being active about it - as of the next raid the above is the rule. I can't tell anyone what to do, but I can at least make consequences clear.

Asking to be swapped out is fine. Of course this is problematic if not a single person is available as replacement, but still, if done in a normal, adult fashion, it's something that may occasionally happen to everyone.


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