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#1 2006-11-30 00:02:44

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ghaman, 60 mage.

Hiya Teo

1: You
Name: Chris
Age: 17
Country: Denmark
Occupation/work: School
e-mail (optional)
Activitylevel - How many do you play, and for how long? can raid allmost everyday, 18:00 - whatever.. 24:00?(6-7 days a week)
Reputation (if anyone cares:): Check my Profile Surprised

2: Your character
Name, class, race, gender: Ghaman, Mage, Gnome(ofc), Male.
HP, mana, manaregen, AP, all resists (unbuffed): hp: 3170, mana: 5958, manaregen: 10/5sec, AP: yikes
Nature: 30 >.< (can get it fast if i'll get in tho, and i will Smile)
Fire: 103
Frost: nothing, will get it if needed ofc.

Alts: 60 priest(kuna) and a lot of lowbies, almost never playing any of em.

3: Gear
Your current gear in a profile (allakhazam/ctprofile):
got a lot in backpack too.

4: Guild
Previous guilds, and a short description of them: NeMeSiS, since November last year(since first Test Mc run). We badly enough quitted raiding some weeks ago now, cause a lot of people stopped playing etc.
Reason for your Teo application: seems like a good guild with skilled peoples and since i allmost only play for raiding and want to explore the rest of those Spooky dungeons This one seems perfect to me
Do you know anyone in Teo?:  Sosei, and probably some others :p and well spoke shotly to some peeps, but looking foreward to learn em to know.
What can you bring to Teo, why should we invite you?: well, think im a skilled player, who come online for most raids, prepared, with pots ect, and i dont mind wiping endless times for progress

5: Game
What is you characters "/played"?: 66 days - 34 hours - 21 minutes
What is your raiding experience? Full mc, Full bwl and Onyxia too many times, AQ defeated up to Twin Emperors and a few tries on C'thun. got some exp on Instructor and Anub in naxx. but since im a hardcore raider I don



#2 2006-11-30 00:42:07

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Re: ghaman, 60 mage.

ghaman wrote:

but since im a hardcore raider I don

obviously there is something missing here in your application, but if you really are a "harcore raider", i dont think TEO is the place for you. not at this point of the game anyway. try dark ritual, i think they are in need of players.



#3 2006-12-01 02:25:42

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Re: ghaman, 60 mage.

hmm? i get a bug every time i try to edit my post?

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