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#1 2007-01-21 17:50:37

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Warclaw, pala

Basic Information
Character name: warclaw
Character level and class: 64, paladin
Talent spec: 8/0/46 but np in respecing holy
Current gear: full tier 2 exept boots (tier 1) etc etc
Read and understand rules (two separate things!): Ofcourse!
Timezone: Stockholm/Paris etc? ^^
Personal information
Name (first name will do): Rikard
Country: Sweden
Age: 17
More about yourself: Loves icehockey and my girl amanda wink


1) What guilds have you been into, or are you in, and why did you, or do you want to, leave?
Divine Knights, 50% of the guild leaved etc.
2) Why do you want to join TEO?
Good guild, good ppl and a cool guildname wink
3) What do you expect from TEO?
end-game raiding and happy farming big_smile
4) How often can you raid and on which days (in general)?
all except wednesday
5) At what times can you raid?
weekdays 19:00-00:00, friday from 19:30, saturday all day, sunday all day till 23:00
6) What experience do you have?
All (some in outlands too) wink
7) Which attunement quests did you complete?
All all all (except outlands?!)

// Clawboy



#2 2007-01-22 19:51:34

From: Kauhava, Finland
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Re: Warclaw, pala

Atm we are in leveling space of TBC and won't recruit new paladins until we know what's the situation with new raiding system is (like do we have spots open for paladins).


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