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#26 2007-11-08 00:43:07

From: Copenhagen, Denmark
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Re: Tanking Leothoras the blind

First of all, I'm not into this whole discussion on a personal level or anything so im gonna post my comment and then go away again. dont flame me, write stupid comments to what i write or anything like that. I'm simply gonna state the facts as i see them, without taking sides. Both have some valid points but in the end it IS just a game, of course progress and loot is nice and a motivational factor to keep playing this game, but getting too serious takes the fun out of it.


Arilia wrote:

Mojorising wrote:

As you said your self, its how you perform in raids that matters. Its not topping dmg meter or avoid to die.. Its about doing what is needed from you, so we dont keep on doing the same mistakes.

I'm a warlock damnit! That's EXCATLY what's needed from me. My job in raids is to: 1. DPS. 2. Dont Die. (3.On very few occasions, we need to do other stuff like CoT, tank something etc)

True, a warlock's job is to DPS, stay alive and in some cases do some tanking.

arilia wrote:

Mojorising wrote:

cant see that it says you need 1k gold to spend on a single boss.

Nope, but it will cost me around 500g, as I wrote before. That's a fact.

Well, the heroic badges won't cost anything (well maybe some repair bills from wipes but also income from loot) and the Fire resistance gear from those 4 items (100 badges) is around 250 FR which is almost what's needed. So this part only requires time, not gold.

arilia wrote:

Plus a respecc in order to be able to keep aggro. - That's another 55g.

Warriors are constantly respeccing to fit their role in a given raid. Ask rageoholic how many times he's respecced in the last 2 months for example.

arilia wrote:

Mojorising wrote:

Also.. you haven't even asked if the guildbanks had some primal fires, you just sit back and wait for it to arrive in the mail,,, what about doing something about it?? thats all im asking for..

Eh? So now the guildbank might be able to sponser us? It's just a question about me asking for mats, rather than you asking me? O.o

Asking is the first half of getting something, be that an answer or items. Noone can predict what answer will be given, only that you won't get any answer at all if you never ask.

Mojorising wrote:

And how did you think the tanks got resistance gear for Hydross? people farmed their asses off to get these things.. again. you can go farm heroics with guildies to get some badges, and do what they did. Then maybe we can start compare the two things.

true, people farmed for reagents and those who did got rewarded with some dkp. tho the two things can't be compared. the reagents (except the nethers) are all stuff that can be farmed solo or bought on AH, getting heroic badges means doing instances and the badges themselves are biproducts of the runs, even tho they are sometimes the reason for doing the runs.

arilia wrote:

When I top the dmg-meters, don't die in ridiculous ways like soo many others, especially on Al'ar yesterday, and in general preform well in raids - You have no right, what so ever to call me unfocused.

This is indeed what a warlock is supposed to do, can't complain about a job being done well.

arilia wrote:

I do, on the other hand, think our raids lately have been unbelievingly dull. People keep dying on trash, healing is assigned badly, tanks don't know what to tank etc etc. Which all leads up to a big WIPE. And that how our raids have been like lately, which is a well-known fact. Dull. And I much rather talk to people in /enigma or /1 than seeing the _same_ people do the _same_ mistakes over and over again. Talking about me slacking in raids etc is just lack of better arguments, which I wont even reply to.

How people in the raid acts however, effects the whole raid and it's performance. people who is unfocused (or seems to be from others point of view) will have an impact on the performance, it's simply psychology.
Being quick to reply on ready checks and answering questions seriously during a raid helps lift the spirit and makes the raid perform better subconsciencely. And in all honesty, it doesnt take more than a sec to write "rdy" in /ra and then you can be back to whatever you were doing until the fight begins.

arilia wrote:

Mojorising wrote:

This is a team game, and what you said about you are not unfocused in raids i can tell you we were 24 people who could prove you wrong last night.

I honostly think the other 23 (not including you plus me) judge me by how I play. Not what I'm writing in /enigma. Which is soo irreverent. (Btw, 80% of everything you state is - irreverent.)

I'm one of those 23. I do indeed judge people on their performance, but not on that factor alone. As a raider I can't help but judging others by how well they do in raids (not dying, not getting aggro, not being strangely low on dmgmeter), but as a guildie and a person i also judge people by how they act. When raiding I don't really care about what other people do if they and do it and still keep up with everyone else, but if they can't then i do indeed judge them.
Basicly, raiding is about doing a job that together with 24 other ppls job comes together like a puzzle and makes the fight possible. Performance is the number one factor here, personality the second. but when I'm not raiding and having fun while playing, it is indeed the personality that counts.


Regarding personal opinions.. ofc i have one, but im not gonna say things as blunty as i could, risking to insult anyone. Instead i'll do what we all should, keep it cool and post only what you won't regret and keep the threads "civilized".

People who attends a raid should give their focus to the raid. If they have some left over energy to use then sure, use it as you please as long as it won't affect the raid.
Being a bit serious when raiding helps the spirit and might help with the overall performance because everyong WANTS it to happen, WANTS to get that boss down.
I don't really care about what people write in chats. If they insult me i just ignore them, what someone from another country whom i've never meet or seen before, or don't even know thinks about me, doesnt bother me the slightest. Also, I have a pretty strange humor, so i can take some friendly teasing because i like that kind of humor, and if it gets unfriendly there's a neat little ignore button.
Of course, I'll probably not feel like playing with people who have acted like jerks and simply avoid them when possible, and if that happens inside a guild between two guildmembers, the effect will naturally cause some stir. But at that point, I'm kinda lucky since my memory is pretty bad so i usually forget who and why I'm angry at someone and I get back on friendly terms fairly quick smile

Remember, it's a game, no matter what happens, if you get ngry at someone, you can always just play with someone else. Then again, even brothers fight, alot actually, so give it a chance if you're angry and let it go. It doesn't pay off to be angry, trust me on this one.

over and out.

Kelthalas 85 / Smulder 85 / Mizna 85 / Sakurai 80

"And what's the real lesson? Don't leave things in the fridge." - Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop) ~Cosplay photography~



#27 2007-11-08 00:48:28

From: Odense (Bolbro), Denmark
Registered: 2005-09-07
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Re: Tanking Leothoras the blind

arilia wrote:

Edit, This is still very off-topic. This is just something Mojo started to write since he cleary lacked arguments about the real topic.

The real topic is you complaining about having to do something.

You dont approve of the management in TEO, you find raiding dull, for some reason are we struggeling at bosses even tho raiding is nothing more than beeing on top of dmg meter and not die for you, you rather spend the night spamming different channels than focusing on the raid, since all we do is mistakes.

Im not sure you are what we want in our future raids. I can tell you that from all of this, im not the only one thinking this way.
I can also asure you, that even tho im the one posting all of this, im just one of many in our classleader/officer staff, that feels this way.

These childish responses to everything just makes you less appealing about what you might have to add for a TEO raid.

Im done discussing this topic. We do have locks who actually see this issue as important, and im done trying to share my PoW here because i dont want to discuss this case further, when all i get is childish feedback, and you Obviously not sensing what im trying to express at all.



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