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#1 2007-12-30 04:03:10

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Fire ress cloak for 10g

Instead of using your old onyxia scale cloak. Go for greens, its in this year. wink. Here is a little guide to get:
Wyrcultist's Cloak

I believe its much better to use a cloakspot for FR than for an example a chestspot, you chest will proberly be much better for dps than your cloak smile, to keep agro. Sooo there for this little guide.

1)Go to 31,32 in Blade Edge's Mountains, kill the lvl 65-68 mobs running around outside the mine.
2)Pick up Costume Scraps until you got 5. The dropsrate is okay, I killed around 15 of them to get 5.
3 Combine them to overseer disguise.
4)When you put the disguise on, you got 3 minuttes to get to the WyrmcultProvisioner, he is inside the mine to the left, you can't miss him.
5) Buy the cloak for about 10 g.
6)Go to shatt and have a someone enchant it with 15 fireress and you are good to go farmning for more FR smile.

Hope it was useable.




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