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#1 2008-02-20 17:05:21

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Required raid addons for mages

As the topic states, this thread is about addons needed when raiding. If you didn't notice the thread in the Addons/Interface/Mods forum then here's a list of addons you are REQUIRED to use as a mage in order to join raids along with a list of recommended addons.

There are two options here, and you can decide by yourself which of them you want to use. I would personally recommend DeadlyBossMods.

1. DeadlyBossMods

2. Bigwigs
    Plug-in for 5man instances can be found here

In addition to one of the above, you will need to have the following installed for Tempest Keep raids. These require that Ace2 is installed as well.



Raid Utilities
When raiding, there are some addons that are quite essential to have installed. The following two addons are required.

1. Omen
    Omen is a lightweight, flexible, multi-target threat meter.

2. oRA2
    Lightweigt version of CTRA. Easy to set MT list, do ready checks, durability checks, set autoinvite keywords and much more.

Other raiding addons
In some encounters, the mages are required to decurse the raid in order to kill the boss. The following addons are examples of addons that can be used to make this task easier. Whether you use one of these or another addon for this task is your own choice. Use whatever you feel is working best for you.


Decursive 2.0


Grid + Click2Cast

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#2 2010-12-27 16:09:13

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Re: Required raid addons for mages

slightly outdated, unstickied this one


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