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#1 2008-04-20 22:09:55

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Constantly getting left out from raids

Im a bit frustrated now since we have recruited atleast 2 new locks (good to have more active locks on board) but Im not getting spots from raids.
I have explained my situation many times so I think I have made it clear that it's really hard for me to make time for raids in my schedule. Good example was tonight where I had to choose between taking the night off with my GF or joining the raid... Didnt get a spot in the raid nor in the backup list. The 2 raids before that - no spot in the first list.
So basicly now my GF is 150km away having fun and Im here home alone since the raid status was updated like 40min before the raid.

All this makes me feel that Im no longer welcome to TEO raids (dunno if I have made too many mistakes or am I just too noob?).
This really aint motivating me to rearrange my evenings for raids in future.

Thx to the guys who have supported me and made me want to keep on playing this game but Im pretty sure Im gonna take a little longer break from raids now.



#2 2008-04-21 02:26:06

From: Oulu, Finland
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Re: Constantly getting left out from raids

I'm really sorry Danzq, for missing your signup totally. It was my fuckup, and wont happen again.

But as you could see, the raid was really full, and we had to leave out some class leaders aswell. We'll try to update the raids sooner from now on.

Sorry again, if i messed up your plans with your girlfriend.


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