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#1 2010-05-28 18:29:25

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Talents removed:

    * Toughness
          o Moved to Blood
    * Deathchill
    * Frigid Dreadplate
    * Unbreakable Armor

Talents Added:

    * Runic Empowerment – “When you use your Death Coil, Frost Strike, or Rune Strike ability, have a 8/16/24/32/40% chance to activate a random fully depleted rune.”
    * Brittle Bones – “Your Frost Fever chills the bones of its victims, increasing their physical damage taken by 2/4%.”
    * Pillar of Frost – “Calls upon the power of Frost to increase the Death Knight’s strength by 20%. Icy crystals hang heavy upon the Death Knight’s body, providing immunity against external movement such as knockbacks.”
          o Costs 1 Frost rune, lasts 20 seconds, has a 60 second cooldown.
    * Might of the Frozen Wastes – “When wielding a two-handed weapon, your autoattacks have a 15/30/45% chance to generate 10 Runic Power.

Talents Modified:

    * Improved Icy Touch no longer further decreases the target’s attack speed.
          o Likely baseline.
    * Annihilation no longer causes Obliterate to not consume diseases and no longer increases crit chance. Instead, it increases the damage of Obliterate by 10/20/30%.
          o Obliterate likely does no consume diseases baseline, now.
    * Rime no longer increases the critical strike chance of Obliterate and Icy Touch, but has a 15/30/45% (up from 5/10/15%) chance to reset the cooldown on Howling Blast and to cause your next Howling Blast or Icy Touch (instead of just Howling Blast) to cost no runes.
    * Improved Frost Presence now increases damage dealt while in Frost Presence by 2/4%.
    * Frost Strike now has a base weapon damage modifier of 110%, up from the current 55%.
    * Guile of Gorefiend no longer increases the duration of IBF.
    * Howling Blast now costs a Frost rune, down from an Unholy and Frost rune.



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