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#1 2009-09-23 08:55:01

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Patch 3.2.2 for Death Knights

Death Knights

    * Frost Presence: The damage reduction granted by this ability has been increased from 5% to 8%.
    * Pets
          o Gnaw: This death knight ghoul ability now has a 1-minute cooldown.
    * Talents
          o Blood
                + Heart Strike: Secondary targets of Heart Strike now take half as much damage.
                + Subversion: Now also increases the critical strike chance of Scourge Strike by 3/6/9%.
                + Vampiric Blood: Cooldown reduced to 1 minute and duration reduced to 10 seconds.
          o Frost
                + Threat of Thassarian now also causes Rune Strike to use both weapons when dual-wielding.
                + Unbreakable Armor: Cooldown reduced to 1 minute and changed back to granting 25% additional armor while active instead of flat damage reduction based on armor. The amount of strength granted has been reduced to 10%.
          o Unholy
                + Bone Shield: This ability now has 3 charges instead of 4. Cooldown reduced to 1 minute.
                + Dirge: This talent no longer grants additional runic power from using Obliterate.

We got nerfed abit it seems. Blood got hit the worst, Unholy buffed somewhat.



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